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Q: What is the subject called when someone is nice and kind person?
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Can someone tell me what kind of sickness I have?

Yes, that person is called a Doctor.

What kind of person is a busybody?

A busybody is someone who gossips and is always interfering in other people's affairs. They generally eavesdrop and have something to say about any passing subject or person.

What kind of noun is student?

The noun 'student' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for someone who is formally learning or someone who takes special interest in a subject; a word for a person.

What is someone is very kind?

"Someone is very kind." is a complete sentence.someone- an indefinite pronoun, subject of the sentence;is- a verb, a linking verb (the object of the verb restates the subject of the sentence);very- an adverb, modifying the adjective 'kind';kind- adjective, a predicate adjective which restates the subject (someone = kind), following the linking verb.

What kind of person is showing compassion to a victim of a racial slur?

Answer this question… Demetrio, who asks if someone is O.K. after he or she has been subject to a racial slur

Which of these can be called someone who is willing to take a chance in business with the hope of being successful and making a profit?

This kind of person can be described as an entrepreneur, or a person who starts his or her own business.

What kind of person is Sally Ride?

a person, someone that is old, and has no kids

What kind of person is a kleptomaniac?

Someone who steals impulsively.

What kind of person is a patriot?

someone who fights for their country

How do you stop someone dumping you?

To stop someone from dumping you is a hard question to answer. It all depends on what kind of person you are and what kind of person they are. If you are sweet and they are spice, then good luck with your relationship!

What is a kind of person who gets easily tempted?

a frail person... or someone who stands for nothing

If someone calls you a tool what does that mean?

A person who is a 'tool' is someone who is controlled by someone else, and is doing some kind of dirty work for that other person does not want to do.