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Q: What is the strongest draw poundage for a recurve bow?
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What is the difference between a recurve bow and a compound bow?

a compound bow is shorter and uses pulleys to let the user holds the arrow back for long times. A Recurve bow is more like a typical longbow, with less power than a compound, and doesn't use the advantage of pulley's. you are constantly holding back whatever poundage the bow has, and poundage cannot be adjusted. poundage for a Recurve is around 40-60, and a compound has around 50-100 draw.

What is a york crest recurve bow worth?

what is a crest recurve bow worth?

Will leaving a recurve bow strung lower its draw weight?

yes. it weakens the limbs and reduces draw weight. best to unstring the bow while in storage.

How many fps does draw length increase your bow?

The general rule of thumb is that one inch of draw length will increase your speed by approximately 10 fps. This will vary from bow to bow and depends a lot on the draw length and poundage being changed.

How do you set draw weight on a recurve bow?

The draw weight should be marked on the bow. You cannot go any higher than the marked draw weight unless your bow has removable limbs, then you could buy limbs with a higher draw weight. You will ruin the bow if you use it with a higher draw rate.

Does a recurve bow have pulleys?


What happens if a 60 to 70 pounds draw compound bow is adjusted to 55 pounds?

As the poundage implies, the bow doesnt go this low. But, if you did loosen the limbs up to said poundage, only a small amount of the bolt holding the limb on will be in the bow. This may cause the limbs to be town out of the bow when drawn, resulting in serious injuries.

What is a archery recurve?

A recurve is a type of bow, it is the type of bow they use in the Olympics it is probably the most commonly used as well.

How do you find out what kind of arrows you need to shoot out of your bow?

You need to get your bow poundage and draw length measured, and arrows made to match. Never use wooden arrows in a compound bow, they will splinter during release.

What is the age and value of a Shakespeare Wonderbow recurve model x24?

Can you be a little more specific ? I need the length and poundage of the bow and then I can give you an answer, because they started back in 1963 and made that model for quite a few years.

What is the age and value of a Root Archery Shakespeare Recurve bow model x-100 58in. 45lb draw?

Value = $150.00.

Does the Fred bear badge youth bow need a bow press to change draw weight?

it has a weight lock on it to adjust the poundage you must unscrew the lock then tighten with the desired alan wrench

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