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pitching rubber

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Q: What is the strip on the pitcher's mound where a pitcher must stand called?
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Where the pitcher should stand?

Pitchers mound

What is the strip on the pitchers mound where a pitcher must stand call?


What place does he stand on pitch?

The pitcher's mound.

How far is the pitcher from the batter?

The front of the pitcher's mound to the front of home plate in the Majors should be 60 feet 6 inches. Batters: Most batters at this level will stand with their back-foot on the back line of the batter's box as much as possible. Some stances (front foot) don't go beyond the front of the plate however most do. Pitchers: All pitchers start at the mound with their right foot (right handed pitchers) on the front edge of the mound or vice-versa. Pitchers at the end of their stance will (should) go about as far as their are tall. A 6 foot 2 inch pitcher should step out about that far from the mound. So the distance is only as far as they will be in their stance or end result.

Why the arrow and the number 2 on the pitchers mound in San Diego?

Stand up 2 cancer campaign.

Which of the players on a baseball team stand on the mound?

The pitcher. Also, the 1st baseman will stand on the mound to cut off a throw from the outfield to home plate.

How do they stencil the san Diego logo on pitchers mound?

They use a different color of dirt to make the logo stand out.

Can the pitcher stand on the mound without the ball pretending to have the ball in an attempt to get a runner out?


Where can a pitcher stand in slow pitch?

the pitcher must keep her main foot on the rubber at all times, in minor league the mound is 35ft from home plate, in major league the mound is 40ft from homeplate

Jeanne made 5 pitchers of lemonade each pitcher served 9 customers at her lemonade stand if Jeanne had 1 pitcher of lemonade left how many custOrmers did Jeanne serve?


Why does a pitcher stand a little bit closer in softball than they do in baseball?

Because the bases are closer therefore the mound must be closer as it is aligned with the bases.

What is the distance between home plate and the pitcher's mound in t-ball?

in t-ball since their is no pitcher the person "playing" pithcer in the field would stand at the little league level of 40 ft.

Why do pitchers stand on a mound?

because the after they throw the ball, the ball drops 2 feet till it reaches the plate so this because the after they throw the ball, the ball drops 2 feet till it reaches the plate so this

What does CG stand for in baseball?

Complete Game, a stat for pitchers. This means that the pitcher has pitched through the entire game without any relief help from the bullpen, and has played all 9 innings.

Why pitchers stand on higher ground?

to thougt fatherthey stand on higher ground to to through the ball faster and harder.

Where can the pitcher stand for the hidden ball trick?

Rule states.It is a Balk if you are on the rubber or straddling the rubber with out the ball .it is a balk . it has nothing in it that says you can`t be on the mound without possession of the ball .Correct me if I'm wrong .

How many feet dose the pitcher stand from the hiter?

It is 60 feet from home to first on a softball field. It is the same distance between all the bases. The pitcher's mound is 40 to 43 feet way depending on the level of competition. The depth of the outfield varies from field to field.

What does p stand for in baseball?


What is the origin of the idiom 'hang in there'?

Pitchers prefer batters to stand at an increased distance from the plate because this makes it easier to get them out with an outside pitch. In order to persuade the batter to stand further from the plate, pitchers will throw one or more pitchers very close to the batter's body hoping that the instinctive fear of being hit by a pitch will cause the batter to stand further from the plate on the next pitch. When the batter's teammates see this happening, they will shout encouragement to the batter telling him to "hang in there". In other words, don't move away from the plate and thereby give an advantage to the pitcher. Also nautical: Relief is coming soon.

What is a hurler in baseball what does ERA stand for?

A hurler is a slang term for a pitcher in baseball. ERA stands for Earned Run Average and is a statistic for pitchers that shows the number of 'earned' runs a pitcher allows for every nine innings. An earned run is a run that is scored without the help of an error or passed ball. One might think that the earned run average of a pitcher is similar to that of the batting average of a hitter.

What does the 'W' stand for in the pitcher's box score in baseball?


Did the umpire stand behind the pitcher in professional baseball?


What determines the American and national league?

The only really stand-out difference between the two is that in the National League, the pitchers bat, and in the American League, the pitchers do not bat, and instead there is a Designated Hitter to take their place in the lineup.

What does the IP stand for in softball?

IP stands for Innings Pitched. It is a pitching statistics that records the amount of innings the pitcher pitched. It can be divided into thirds by the outs that were recorded while the pitcher was still on the mound. For example: Its the 5th inning and there are 2 outs. The pitcher needs to be taken out of the game and is replaced with another pitcher. The number of innings pitched for this game would be 4 2/3. The relief pitcher would then pitch 2 1/3. This would add up to the complete 7 inning game.

What is the place where witnesses stand in the court called?

The stand, the witnesses are called to the stand.