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a bow string

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Q: What is the string on a bow and arrow called?
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What is placing a bow against the bowstring called?

Placing an arrow against the bow string is notching the arrow, and pulling the bow string back ready to release the arrow is drawing the bow.

What is the bow part on a bow and arrow?

it is the stick and the string that shoots the arrow

What is a string of a bow?

The bow string is connected to both of the ends and it launches the Arrow

What to you call it when you load a bow with a arrow?

When you place the arrow on the string, it's called nocking. When you draw the arrow back to fire, it's called drawing.

What is bowfishing?

IT is fishing but with a bow and arrow see you tie the arrow with some string to your bow and shot the fish the the arrow.

Describe the ten steps in shooting a bow and arrow?

put arrow on string pull string back shoot bow do ten times you nigher

How do you nock a bow?

Nocking is when you attach the arrow to the string

How do you make a bow and arrow on Minecraft?

go to minecraft wiki-crafting and type in bow and arrow any way it looks like this: |string | stick | | ----------|-------------|--------- string | | stick | | --------- |-------------|---------- |string | stick | |

How do you play the sport of the bow and arrow?

The sport with the bow and arrow is called archery, just to let you know. First, you grab a arrow and grab the string of the bow, which is the curved rod with the string. Then put the arrow in a sideways position right attached to the string of the bow. Pull the arrow back, allowing the string to move over to your position. Then, aim carefully. Next, you release the arrow with the string. The arrow will move faster depending how far you pull the string towards you. The objective is to hit the target. There are different spots that are worth different points on the target. If you hit the middle of the target with your arrow, you will receive the maximum amount of points possible. Keep repeating this process until you are a pro at archery.:).

How do you use a bow and arrow?

it's actually very simple and easy to use a bow and arrow all you have to do is put the end of the arrow on the string (the arrow will have a little slit where you can put the string in) you aim at your target and pull the string straight back and you will get a perfect shot :)

How do you shoot an bow an arrow?

To shoot a bow and arrow you take the notch of your arrow and put it on the bow string. Then you grab the handle with your weaker arm of the bow and grab the string with the other hand. Hold the arrow between your middle finger and pointer finger. Then you rest the arrow on your hand or handle of the bow. You pull the sting back using only your three middle fingers. Then aim and release the string. That's all to it!

What is the best type of string to use for a bow and arrow?

It depends on the type of bow you are using.

How do you craft a bow and arrow in Minecraft?

* = string & = stick ^ = feather # = flint bow * & * & * & arrow # & ^ For more crafting. go to minecraft

When you draw back and bend a bow you do work in bending the bow and give the arrow in the bow kinetic energy?

When you bend the bow, you are imparting kinetic energy from your pull into the bow as potential energy. When you release the string, you are imparting that potential energy into the arrow through the string.

What is a person who shorts with bow and arrow called?

A person who shoots with a bow and arrow is called an archer.

What energy is in a bow and arrow?

There is no energy there until the bow string is stretched. The human arm pulling back on the bow string is the source of the energy which is stored mechanically in the flexure of the bow and converted into the kinetic energy of the arrows flight when the archer releases the arrow.

What is mechanical bow and arrow called?

Compound Bow

Why is the violin bow called a bow?

because it looks like a bow and arrow except a violin bow cant bend like a bow and arrow

How do you make a bow and arrow in mincraft?

What you do is you will need 3 string and 3 sticks

How did the Iroquois make the bow and arrow?

wood,string and heated stone and butt

How old do you have to be to purchase a bow and arrow?

old enough so you could aim correctly, hold the bow and arrow and have enough strength to pull back the string.

How do you shoot a bow and arrow?

To shoot a bow and arrow in Minecraft, use your mouse and right click to pull back the bow and hold it until the bow string is held back all the way, then when you are ready, release it!

What is a serving on a bow?

'servings' are the tightly wrapped sections of the string that form the ends and the place where the string hits the arrow

What energy is associated with a bow and arrow?

Elastic(Bow String)-Kinetic and elastic(arrow bends as it flies) and sound (and maby heat)- Sound and elastic There are more :P

What is the string on a bow called?

It is simply called the bowstring.