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Q: What is the strap around the chest worn by footballers?
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What is the difintion for wristwach?

a watch worn on a strap around the wrist.

What is a bellyband?

A bellyband is a strap worn around the belly of a horse to which is secured a saddle or the shafts of a cart.

What is a wriststrap?

A wriststrap is a strap worn around the wrist, such as to carry a camera or some other item.

What is a waistbelt?

A waistbelt is a belt or strap worn around the waist, especially as part of a larger article such as a backpack.

What is a bib apron?

Bib aprons are aprons that are worn around the neck like a baby bib. It covers the chest area down. There is a strap that goes around the neck that hold the apron up. You can see example of bib aprons at the following link

Where should a radiation monitoring device be worn?

Right there on your chest. At the power plant, they are part of their badge and are worn on the outside of the clothing on the chest.

Worn on the chest and arms?

The player's number

Is wearing gold bad for men?

Only if worn in excess around the neck on a bare hairy chest while wearing a speedo

What was Hester Prynne's stigma?

Red A, worn on her chest.

Why is a poppy worn on the left?

Poppies are worn on the left side of the chest because it is over your heart.

What is a pampootie?

A pampootie is a traditional form of shoe made and worn around the Aran Islands of County Galway, Ireland, and consisting of a piece of untanned hide folded around the foot and stitched with twine or a leather strap.

What is a bike jockey strap?

A bike jockey strap is another term for a jockstrap - an athletic supporter worn by men to support the genitals during strenuous exercise.