What is the story of candy man?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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is a man who convince people to believe what he do.

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Q: What is the story of candy man?
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What is the whole story of the candy man?

"The Candy Man" is a song written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, made famous by Sammy Davis Jr. in 1972. The lyrics describe a candy man who brings happiness and sweets to everyone he meets. The song celebrates the joy and positivity that the Candy Man spreads wherever he goes.

Candy candy man candy candy =?

Candy man is NOT TRUE. So don't be freaked out.

Why did he produce the candy?

The candy man can.

When was The Candy Man created?

no not candy woman it wuz candy mommy r some wack spirits

What does the science word intensity mean?

the candy man can oh the candy man can

What is the candy man song really about?

It depends on which "candy man" song you're thinking of. "Candy Man" by Siouxsie And The Banshees is about a child molester luring children into his arms. The term candy man usually refers to paedophiles

Is the candyman story real?

the candy man story isn't real.It is just a urban legend of course.Like yeah,who on earth would think he is real.I mean think carefully

What are the Songs with candy in them?

Candy Man, Candy Girl (Jackson 5), I want candy (aaron carter)

What is the story of candyman?

it is about a man (i think his name was willy wonka) and he went around delivering candy to little kids. one day a little kid told willy that he did not like his candy. this made the candyman very upset and he later killed himself thinking about it too much. after he died he haunted every little kid that didnt like his candy. if you look into a mirror in the dark and repeat "i do not like your candy" three times he will appear.

What is the story of candy face?

Candy Face is a legend that some people believe in.There is to stories about him. #1 He was a old man that ate a lot of candy. He ate so much candy that one day it came up through his stomach to his face. #2 Candy face's children loved candy. They always ate it. but one day, when Candy Face fell to sleep his children stuck candy to him. And when Candy Face woke up, he couldn't get the candy off.

What did the candy man say to the candy lady?

im cool

What actors and actresses appeared in The Candy Lightner Story - 1983?

The cast of The Candy Lightner Story - 1983 includes: Robert Dunlap