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They are a lighter shaft. Apex 3=Dynalite Gold r300(reg). So similar to a light version of r300.

Apex 4 =Dynalite Gold s300(stiff). So similar to a light version of s300

Apex 5= A light x stiff. Say a lighter version of x100

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Q: What is the stiffness for an apex 3 shaft?
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They're taper tip. The Apex shaft (red band) is a proprietary shaft with that company. A parallel shaft will not fit.

What does Hogan apex graphite shafts 2 3 and 4 represent?

Hogan designations for shaft stfifness; 4 =stiff, 3= regular, 2=soft ( usually "senior" or women's flex).

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This is a Ping graphite shaft that was sold with the ISI model Ping Irons in the nineties. The w54 was a firm stiffness-not regular-but it was very light weight shaft at that time.

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