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Cutter's C-Tack is the top end material for grip when it comes to football gloves, therefore the Cutters original receivers gloves would be better than the Under Armour Blitz II.

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Q: What is the stickiest football glove cutters original receivers or under armour blitz ii?
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What is the stickiest football glove?

nike assassin gloves (something like that) its almost like cheating theyre so sticky cutters r better, renews grip when u wash them.

Do Cutters Original Receivers grip wear out or smear?

no and if u spit on them they get more grip Well washing ever few weeks or so help alot believe me.

What are the best gloves in football?


Under armour claims to be the stickiest football glove which has better grip cutters or under armour?

well its simple! i really went out and bought a $80 pair of under arour gloves and a $50 pair of cutter gloves and when i tested them i was able to catch 1 hnded with cutters with my bad hand! but wioth under armours well i coulant even get the ball 10 out of 20 times but with cutters i cought it 19 out of 20 times! same reolts as my friend that helped me

Who invented cutters football gloves?

KasoN clutter

What football gloves does Adrian Peterson use?

nike and cutters

What type of football gloves does chad Johnson wear?

he wears cutters

Who makes the best football gloves?

Two good brands of football gloves are Under Armour and Cutters.

What are the best type of football gloves?

he he just kidding i really dont know cutters

Where can you get white football gloves?

online and at a sporting goods store here are some links to all white football gloves for more links google all white cutters fyi cutters have great grip and are ncaa and high school aproved

What are the best gloves for a football wide receiver?

Cutters without a doubt. they have great grip on the ball, are lightweight and last for a long time. You can find them in almost any football store and come in all colours.

When was Mackay Cutters created?

Mackay Cutters was created in 2007.

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