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There are a number of professional sports teams in Arizona. These include the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Phoenix Suns, and the Arizona Cardinals.

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Q: What is the state sport teams in Arizona?
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Related questions

What is arizona's state sport?

If they have a state sport at all, I'm pretty sure its baseball or softball.

What is the nickname for Arizona State University sports teams?

They are nicknamed the Arizona State Sun Devils.

What are Arizonas sport teams?

The Arizona Cardinals (football) The Arizona Diamondbacks (baseball) The Pheonix Cyotoes (hockey)

Does Arizona State University has sports teams?


What is the team mascot for the college Arizona?

Sparky is the mascot of the Arizona State University Sun Devil teams. Sparky became the school's mascot in 1946. Prior to being called the Sun Devils, Arizona State University teams were 'Bulldogs' and, before that, 'Owls'.

Are the Oregon ducks a big ten team?

No. They are in the Pac-12 with UCLA, Oregon State, USC, Arizona, Arizona State, and other teams.

Does Arizona have a better basketball program than Arizona State?

Arizona has one of the best basketball teams in the nation, and are highly under rated. They also have a 138-73 lead over Arizona state in mens basketball

What state has the second most professional sport teams?


What are the sports teams of Arizona?

Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Cardinals Phoenix Suns Arizona University Arizona State University

Which professional football teams are named after the state?

Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans and Arizona Cardinals are all teams for a single state. The New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers are teams who represent multi-state regions.

What sport teams begin with the letter A?

The Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons are teams in the National Football League. The Anaheim Ducks and Atlanta Thrashers are teams in the National Hockey League.

What are the sport team of Arizona?

Arizona Cardinals (NFL), Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB), Phoenix Suns (NBA), Arizona Wildcats (NCAA), Arizona State Sun Devils (NCAA) Phoenix Mercury (WNBA)

What are Idaho sport teams?

There's the Boise State Broncos, Idaho Vandals, and the Idaho State Bengals.

What is the national sport teams in Nevada?

nevada's a state-not a country.

What three NFL teams are named after their state?

Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans, and Minnesota Vikings.

What are the football teams names that start with a a?

Well if you mean a is in the state then there is the Arizona Cardinals and the Atlanta Falcons.

Does the state of Hawaii have major sport teams?

U of H has a good football team

How many pro sport teams are there in California?

18 professional sports teams in California. 8 more than any other state

Why does California have the most professional sports teams?

because states with the most population have most sport teams and California is the biggest state in population

What is the state sport of Arizona?

Well let's see, theres the Arizona Cardinals(Football), Arizona Diamondbacks(Baseball), Phoenix Suns(Basketball), and the Phoenix Coyotes(Hockey), so you decide!

Sport teams that start with a?

Arizona cardinals

How many teams are in the PAC-10 Conference?

As the name implies, there are 10 teams in the Pac-10 Conference. The teams, and their locations, are: University of Arizona - Tuscon, Arizona Arizona State University - Tempe, Arizona University of California - Berkeley, California University of Southern California - Los Angeles, California University of California-Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California Stanford University - Palo Alto, California University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon Oregon State University - Corvallis, Oregon University of Washington - Seattle, Washington Washington State University - Pullman, Washington

What are the sport teams are in Oregon?

The Portland Trail Blazers, the Oregon Ducks, and the Oregon State Beavers.

What sport has the most teams?

according to the national data base. the sport which consists of most teams is the sport of football. with a average of 50 teams in each cxountry, football has the most teams who are involved.

What is Vermont's sport team?

The state of Vermont does not have any official professional sports teams. Therefore this state also has no stadiums or arenas.