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Jousting - Maryland's Individual Sport

Lacrosse - Maryland's Team Sport

No lie

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Q: What is the state sport of Maryland?
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What is Maryland's state sport?

Jousting is Maryland's State Individual Sport. Lacrosse is their team sport

What is the official sport of the state of Maryland?

Jousting is the Maryland State Sport.

What are Maryland's most popular sports?

Jousting is Maryland's state sport.

Jousting is the official sport of which state?


What state has jousting as its official sport?


What is Maryland's state song?

The state of Maryland's song is Maryland, My Maryland. The song was adopted by the state as the official state song in 1939.

What is the Maryland state song?

{| !| Maryland, My Maryland . |}

Differences between universerty of Maryland and Maryland state?

There is no college called "Maryland State"

What is the state capital of Maryland?

The capital of the state of Maryland is Annapolis.

When was the state of Maryland formed?

the state of Maryland was formed in 1635.

What is Marylands state song?

The State Song is " Maryland, My Maryland".

When Maryland became a state?

On 1788 Maryland became a state

Is lacrosse the most popular sport in Maryland?

no. jousting is the most popular sport.

Is Maryland in Virginia?

no. Maryland is a state.

Is the state of Virginia larger than the state of Maryland?

Virginia is larger than Maryland.

Who makes the laws for the state of Maryland?

The laws for the state of Maryland are made by the State Congress in Maryland. This is true in all states.

What Number State is Maryland?

is maryland the 14 state

How old do you have to be to work in the state of Maryland?

You have to be 35 to work in the state of Maryland.

What is Maryland's state insect?

Maryland's state insect is the checkerspot butterfly.

State number of Maryland?

Maryland was the 7th State to join the Union.

What industry is important to the state of Maryland?

how is farming important to the state of Maryland

What is Maryland state cat?

Maryland's state cat is the calico cat.

Answer what is Maryland's state tree?

The White Oak is the state tree of Maryland.

What is the state amphibian for Maryland?

Maryland does not have (at this present time) a state amphibian.

What is the state soil of Maryland?

The state soil of Maryland is Sassafras soil.