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Q: What is the state game of uttrakhand?
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What is the state bird of uttrakhand?

The state bird of Uttrakhand is Monaal.

Is sajwan rajput?

may be sajwan is from uttrakhand state gharwal rajputs

What is the correct spelling of uttrakhand?


What is the religion of uttrakhand?

there are 2 main religions in uttrakhand : garhwali & kumaoni. other than that , sikhs and Hindus are there too.

When was DD Uttrakhand created?

DD Uttrakhand was created in 1992.

What are the effects of uttrakhand disaster?

The disaster has adversely effected the lives of that perticular place and economy of state.

Who is DIS of uttrakhand?

Sridhar Babu Addanki is the current DIS of the Uttrakhand.

B ed counslling 2009 date kichha uttrakhand India?

b ed counslling 2009 date kichha uttrakhand India ?

Is dariyal a scheduled caste from uttrakhand?


Who is the present cm in uttrakhand?

B.C. Khanduri

Name the state sharing its boundary with china?

States share boundary with china are j&k, Himanchal pradesh, Uttrakhand, sikkim, Arunachal pradesh.

Who is the chief minster of Uttrakhand?

bhuwan chand khandori