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The starting salary for NFL players will vary widely. Some players may get $300,000 yearly while others may get millions of dollars per year.

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Q: What is the starting salary for NFL Players?
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Starting salary for NFL player?

The starting salary for NFL players is $375,000. The is the average that has been set and the players will get salary increments as they progress.

What is the starting salary for an NFL scout?

The starting salary is 27,000

Minimum salary for nfl players?


Minimum salary in nfl?

The minimum salary in the NFL is $450000 for players with the one year service. It is however, $525000 for players with two years of service.

Average salary of NFL players in 1975?


What is the average salary of NFL players in 1967?


How much do NFL players get paid?

NFL player contracts are based on the teams and players agent agreement. Minimum salary per year in the NFL is $310,000. The average yearly salary in the NFL is $1.1million a year.

What is a football players salary?

The average salary of a NFL player is 1.9 million dollars.

How do NFL players get salary advances?

Is a % of their yearly guarenteed salary paid up front.

What is the starting salary for soccer players?


What was the average salary for NFL players in 2007?

1.9 million

What is the nfl salary for third string players?

about $350K annually

What is the average salary of a new NFL player?

the average salary is 1.4 million, but a players salary depends on position and team and how good they are you can figure out a players salary here

What is the average starting salary of an NFL player?


How are NFL players paid?

NFL players get paid after each game or season. The contracts are based on the teams and players agent agreement. Minimum salary per year in the NFL is $300,000.

How many football players are in the NFL?

There are 1,696 players with a average salary of 1.9 million a year

What is the lifetime take home salary for NFL players?


What was michaell Vicks starting salary in the nfl?

1.6 million

How much does an NFL agent make?

Usually about 3-5% of their players salary.

What salary do players receive for playing in the NFL playoff games?

they earn $129,000.92

What is the salary for arena 1 football players?

The average salary for Arena 1 football players is $31,000. This is in contrast to the average salary of an NFL player which is $1.9 million per year.

Do NFL players earn more money than teachers?

Yes. The starting salary for the worst NFL player is about 10-15 times higher than a good teachers salary...but don't quit school just yet, you have better odds of winning the lottery than making it in the NFL.

What is the average NFL salary in 2011?

As per the NFL Players Association, the minimum basic salary for the players is $295,000. This amount is received without any exception by a player on the active roster for a minimum of 3 games. The average basic salary for a NFL player is between $990,000 to $1.1 million annually.

How do NFL players receive their paychecks and by what method?

In the NFL, players are given a check after each week in the regular season. They receive their yearly salary in these 17 installments.

Who earns more money football players or basketball players?

NBA players earn much more. The average NBA salary is 5.2 million, while NFL players' average salary is 1.75 million.