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There is no starting salery for a pro Basketball player. They get more money of their skills. LeBron James made about 20 million as a rookie and other rookies make about 1 million

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In your rookie years (first 2) you get paid about 1m each season. After that, it depends on your performance. They will most likely raise it to 1.5m or more.

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The lowest you can get paid is 480K

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Q: What is the starting salary and ending salary for a NBA player?
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What is the salary range of an NBA player?

0$ is teh salary

What was the average NBA salary in 2000?

The average salary for a NBA player in 2000-2001 was 4 million U.S. dollars.

What is a normal salary for an NBA player?

too much...

What is the NBA player relations manager salary?


What NBA player has the largest salary contract?

Gilbert Areanrs

What is Danny green's salary?

The salary for NBA player Danny Green as of 2014 is $ 884,293 per year.

How much nba player make a year?

Depends on their salary cap

What is the average salary of an NBA basketball player?

144444444,00000 million $ at most

What is the combined salary of every nba player?

too damned much

Who is the richest basketball player 2010-2011 nba season?

Well, In the entire NBA Kobe Bryant's salary (which is $24,806,250) is the highest in the NBA.

What NBA player was in the Navy prior to starting his NBA career?

David Robinson

What NBA player has the largest salary?

2008-2009 salaries: Kevin Garnett (Boston Celtics) has the largest salary in the NBA for 2008-2009 at $24,750,000. ****************************************** labron James (Actually, leBron James has the 27th largest salary in the NBA for 2008-2009, at $14,410,581)