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The starting gate.

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Q: What is the starting gate called in horse racing?
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What is post time in horse racing?

The horses are called from the paddock to the starting gate

What is the dimension of the horse racing starting gate?


What does post position mean in horse racing?

The stall in the starting gate from where the horse will start.

What is the purpose of the horse racing gate?

Do you mean the starting gate? It is like a loading stall. The groom leads the horse in, with the jockey mounted, then the groom closes the gate. There the horse waits for the starting gate to swing open. Things trainers hate are when a horse leans on the back or front gate. This can set the jockey of balance.

How did your horse get beat in the horse racing?

My horse sprained her ankle, coming out of the gate.

Who helps the jockey in the horse race starting gate?

They are called assistant starters.

What horse racing is there in San Francisco?

There is Golden Gate Fields, which is a horse racing track, but that is in Oakland, which is not far from San Francisco.

When a horse is scratched are the horses shifted toward the rail?

If you are talking about standardbred racing, yes. If a thoroughbred is scratched his slot in the starting gate will remain empty.

What does a start mean in horse racing talk?

a start is when the horses break from the gate. when the bell rings and the doors open and they "start" running...that is called a start.

Who determines which horse will be in which gate number at the starting line?

the boss

How do horses get their positions in racing?

before a race, horse's names are drawn and the owners/trainers choose what number gate they want their horse to depart from.

What did Philip McGinnis invented?

The horse race starting gate (first used in Canada)

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