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A standard NHL ice rink is 85 feet by 200 feet...I doubt you have that much space in your basement.

That's the spirit. I doubt you could build a standard size ice rink in your basement, but I think you could build a heck of a smaller one! Go for it!

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โˆ™ 2008-10-21 20:36:15
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Q: What is the standard size of an NHL ice rink, and do you think I could turn my basement into one?
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Perimeter of a standard hockey rink?

The perimeter of a standard Hockey rink is 570 Feet THANKS

What is the perimeter in feet of a standard hockey rink?

The perimeter of a standard hockey rink is about 522 feet.

What length is a hockey rink in meters?

A standard hockey rink in the NHL is 61 meters long. This is also the standard length in Olympic hockey, although the Olympic rink is wider. Beyond such leagues where a standard size is required, the game can be played on almost any size of rink, and is often simply fit to the available circumstance.

What is the perimeter of a standard hockey rink?

The perimeter of a hockey rink is close to 522 feet. The rink is 200 feet long and has a width of 85 feet.

Did chad Kroeger have a hockey rink built in his basemant at his house?

yes he remodled his house and put a six person rink with a zamboni. Wow what a basement now thats canadien.

How many laps around ice rink equal 1 km?

It depends on the size of the ice rink - there is not a standard size.

What is the playground of ice hockey called?

I think you mean the "rink".

How many roller skates are needed in a skating rink?

This depends on capacity of the rink and how many people you can have on the rink in one go. I would normally say 200 pairs would be sufficient however for a smaller rink you could have less. Regards Korby

What is the size of an ice skating ring?

A standard (NHL) ice skating rink is 200' long by 85' wide

How much water is needed to make ice in a hockey rink?

A standard size of a hockey rink is about 17,000 square feet. It would take approximately 11,000 gallons of water to make one inch of ice.

Does the sunrise mall in corpus cristi tx have an ice skating rink?

The Corpus Christi sunrise mall has a synthetic ice skating rink. I think the name of it is funtabulous.

What rhymes with link?

* fink * think * sink * wink * rink * mink * pink * zinc

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