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The circumference of the ball is 29.5 inches. It weighs 22 ounces.

The width is approximately 9.39 inches. The Basketball goal is 18 inches wide (interior).

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Q: What is the standard size of an NBA basketball?
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Standard size of a basketball court?

The NBA courts are 94 feet.

How big is a regulation size basketball?

A regulation size basketball is between 29.5 and 28.975 inches in circumference. This is the standard used by the NBA

Is an NBA standard size basketball a number 7 or number 9?


What is the official NBA basketball size?

The official NBA ball size is 29.5 inches in circumference.

Is there a difference between olympic basketball size and NBA basketball size?

Size 7 :NBA 29.5 inch circumference, FIBA 29.5 to 30.7 inch circumference.

What kind kind of sizes are there for a basketball?

Official NBA basketball size is 29.5 Offical WNBA basketball size is 28.5

Standard size of a basketball gym?

The standard size of an NBA court is 94' long by 50' wide. There is no standard size for the actual gym. As long as there is a reasonably safe amount of space on all sides of the court, the gym can be considered meeting minimum standards.

What size of basketball does a NBA player use?

they use an nba sized ball

How big is an NCAA basketball?

Size 7, just as big as a NBA basketball

What is size of standard basketball rim?

The diameter of a standard basketball rim is 18 inches.

What size ball does the WNBA use?

does the women's basketball NBA use the same size ball as men NBA

How high is NBA basketball goal?

A standard basketball ring is 10 feet away from the ground.

How big is a basketball ball?

The size of a basketball varies slightly by the type of basketball. The average size of a basketball used in the NBA is 29.5 to 29.875 inches in circumference.

What size is a mens' 28.5 basketball?

A men's basketball, used in the nba, is a 29.5 otherwise known as size 7. (Women use size 6 which is a 28.5 basketball.)

What is the average shoe sizes for a NBA basketball player?

The average shoe sizes for a basketball player in NBA is between size 14 to 15.

What is the official nba size basketball?

29.5 to 29.875 inches.

What kind of basketball is used in the nba?

29.5 or a size 7

Has the size of the NBA basketball changed from the early days?


What is the size of an professional basketball?

NBA- 29.5 and WNBA- 28.5

What is the radius of a full adult size NBA basketball ball?

The radius of a full adult size NBA baseball is 4.7 inches.

What are the differences between an official NCAA basketball and an official NBA basketball?

There the same size, 29.5

What is the official size of a basketball?

An NBA size Basketball court is 94 feet from baseline to baseline and 50 feet from sideline to sideline.

The biggest foot in the NBA basketball?

Shaquille O'Neal size 27

What size is a NBA basketball court?

It's 94 feet long.

What are the dimensions of nba basketball ball vs Olympics?

Same size