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size 5

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Q: What is the standard size of a netball?
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Size of a netball pitch?

a standard netball court is 30.5 metres long and 15.25 metres wide.

Size of netball court?

A standard netball court is 30.5 metres long and 15.25 metres wide hope that helps :)

Can you get 2kilo netballs?

no, netballs are one standard size and one standard weight, anything with another size or weight isnt a real netball

What is standard height for netball post?

the size of a standard netball hoop is about 240cm or 8 feet. It should as accurate as possible so it can be benefical and get the right results in games. thanks

Size ball in netball?

netball is played with a size 5 ball

How many dots are there on the surface of a netball?

It depends on the manufacturer, style of the ball, size (if it's standard size or not)... Why don't you start counting!? ;)

What kind of ball is used in netball?

Netball uses a size 5 ball. Size 5 is the standard size netball and is used in all netball matches. Netballs also come in all different brands some brands are better than others but it doesn't really matter what band you get, the only advantage of getting better brands is your ball will last longer and it will be better quality.

Size of netball field?

its a netball COURT and The offical netball dimensionsare15.250m x 30.5m

What size is netball?

it all depends on what grade of netball. netta's (years 1-3) have a size 4 any other grade will have the normal size 5 netball

What is the size of a net ball court in meters?

a standard netball court is 30.5 meters long and 15.25 metres wide

Size of netball?

The official size is 5.

Mini netball court size?

is there a mini netball court dimensoin

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