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Q: What is the standard Bristol board size?
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Is Bristol board the same as oak tag?

Bristol board is made in Bristol, England. Oak Tag is American, probably the same, or very similar, but cannot be called Bristol board.

What is Bristol board used for?

Bristol board is a strong, smooth support (paper) used most often by illustrators.

What was Louis Hebert's kids named?

They had 3 daughters, Pepper, Shaniqua, and Bristol. Bristol (the eldest, married at 13) so she married Samuel Board, therefore Bristol was known as Bristol Board.

Standard size of basketball board?

The standard size of a basketball backboard is 6 feet wide by 42 inches tall. The inner rectangle on the board is 24 inches wide by 18 inches tall.

What is the size of a poster board?

It varies but 22" x 28" seems to be a standard size.

How many keys in a standard key board?

88 keys in full size.

What is the standard size for an Electronic Sign board?

It is 96 inches by 32 inches.

Standard size of a science board?

The standard size for a science display board is a three-panel display board that unfolds to be 36" tall by 48" wide and make sure you organize it like a newspaper and make sure the title is catchy and nice and BIG !!!! (;

What is the best brand for long board shorts?

Patagonia offers a line of board shorts that are 1-2" longer than standard size.

What is the minimum number of people required on a Board of Directors?

There is no standard minimum amount of people required to be on a Board of Directors. The average size of the Board of Directors is about 9 members for most companies.

What is the size of a checkers playing board?

Sixteen (16) inches by sixteen inches is the size of the board in the game of checkers. Such a size accommodates the sixty-four squares that must exist on the board. The standard American Checkers Federation checkerboard has squares two inches on a side.

What is the most appropriate measure for the length of a skateboard?

A standard board is usally 31-33" long. Usally the shorter the skater the shorter the board. The lenght of a skateboard is personal preference. Over time a skater will find out what size board works best for them. It is kinda hard to go wrong with length any standard board is appropriate.

What is the standard size of chess board?

The standard size of a chess board in about 1 foot by 1 foot. There are several standard sizes for the boards and individual squares. The size of the pieces is based on the ratio of the base of the king / the size of a square. For the best aesthetic appeal, this ratio should be kept between 0.68 and 0.75. The most common board sizes include: 1.50" squares - 12"x12" board playing surface 1.75" squares - 14"x14" board playing surface 2.00" squares - 16"x16" board playing surface 2.25" squares - 18"x18" board playing surface 2.50" squares - 20"x20" board playing surface A tournament board is defined as 2.25" squares, with a king between 3.75" and 4.25" tall.

What happens when you iron a Bristol board?

When Bristol board is wrinkled or warped you can get an iron and set its setting onto silk or synthetic because it won't be so hot so it won't burn the Bristol board. So slowly iron it to get the wrinkles out. it might take longer depending on how bad its warped or wrinkled and i tried ironing over graphite (pencil) it worked fine. But don't let it sit by itself because it could burn your Bristol board and start a fire so please if you are a kid get a parent or adult to supervise you because working with an iron and using it improperly can be dangerous.

Can you design a Bristol board for a school project on a computer?

think so

What actors and actresses appeared in A Picture of Bristol - 2005?

The cast of A Picture of Bristol - 2005 includes: Roni Size

Measurement of Basketball board?

I'm assuming we are talking about the back board which has a standard size of 6 feet wide, 3 1/2 feet tall, and 1/2 inch thick.

How many squares of any size are made by the lines of a standard chessboard?

The obvious answer is 64, but there are actually 204 squares on a chess board

Who has the biggest football pitch size?

Bristol city

What is the size of a scrabble board game?

It varies among target markets. However, manufacturer has to ensure that the scrabble board has 15 by 15 grid for standard scrabble and 21 by 21 grid for super scrabble.

Which is bigger Birmingham or Bristol?

Birmingham is England's second city, with a population of 970,000 - more than double the size of Bristol which has a population of 420,000.

What is the size of cluedo board game?

The standard ones are 20 inches by 20 inches, and most are designed to fold in half. There have been special editions and variations with slightly different board sizes.

How wide is a 2X8 board?

At one time, sawmills cut green lumber to 2"x8". A higher-humidity board would shrink more than an dryer board, and in any case, the board would be reduced in size by planing (smoothing the rough-cut sides.) Seems to me that the industry standardized the size of wood about 40 yeas ago. Now, sawmills calculate the size to cut so that dried and planed wood will be a standard size when dried. A 2x6 is actually 1.5 inches thick and 7.25 inches wide.

When was Roni Size born?

Roni Size was born on October 29, 1969, in Bristol, England, UK.

What has the author Walter Bristol Windus written?

Walter Bristol Windus has written: 'The effects of nuclear radiation on a Western cadmium cell' -- subject(s): Standard cells