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Q: What is the standard Bristol board size?
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Is Bristol board the same as oak tag?

Bristol board is made in Bristol, England. Oak Tag is American, probably the same, or very similar, but cannot be called Bristol board.

What was Louis Hebert's kids named?

They had 3 daughters, Pepper, Shaniqua, and Bristol. Bristol (the eldest, married at 13) so she married Samuel Board, therefore Bristol was known as Bristol Board.

What is Bristol board used for?

Bristol board is a strong, smooth support (paper) used most often by illustrators.

Standard size of a science board?

The standard size for a science display board is a three-panel display board that unfolds to be 36" tall by 48" wide and make sure you organize it like a newspaper and make sure the title is catchy and nice and BIG !!!! (;

How many keys in standard key board?

88 keys in full size.

How many keys in a standard key board?

88 keys in full size.

What is the standard size for an Electronic Sign board?

It is 96 inches by 32 inches.

What is the best brand for long board shorts?

Patagonia offers a line of board shorts that are 1-2" longer than standard size.

What is the size of a checkers playing board?

Sixteen (16) inches by sixteen inches is the size of the board in the game of checkers. Such a size accommodates the sixty-four squares that must exist on the board. The standard American Checkers Federation checkerboard has squares two inches on a side.

Can you design a Bristol board for a school project on a computer?

think so

What actors and actresses appeared in A Picture of Bristol - 2005?

The cast of A Picture of Bristol - 2005 includes: Roni Size

What is the most appropriate measure of the length of the skateboard?

A standard board is usally 31-33" long. Usally the shorter the skater the shorter the board. The lenght of a skateboard is personal preference. Over time a skater will find out what size board works best for them. It is kinda hard to go wrong with length any standard board is appropriate.