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Q: What is the sports that use the decimal in time?
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When can you use decimal numbers?

Any time: there is no restriction.

When would you use a decimal to find a percent of a number?

Any time that you wanted to.

When did Fibonacci relate to the Decimal System.?

Decimal numbers were in use in Europe well before the time of Fibonacci so he would have "related" to them when he started to count!

In the Dewey decimal system do books about sports and games are found in 200-299?

No, books about sports and games are typically found in the 700-799 range in the Dewey Decimal System. Sports and games are classified under the category of "arts and recreation" in this system.

What number is football in the Dewey decimal system?

Football is classified under the number 796 in the Dewey Decimal Classification system, which covers sports and games.

In the Dewey Decimal System are books 700 to 799 about sports?

The 700s are Arts and Recreation. Sports, as well as art, music, drama, games, and crafts are located in the 700s. Hobbies done in one's leisure time can be found in this Dewey section.

Are skateboards good for people who don't like sports?

Yes because I hate sports but I have a skateboard an I use it all the time it is soo much fun.

When was Sports Time created?

Sports Time was created in 1984.

When did Sports Time end?

Sports Time ended in 1985.

Why do computers use the decimal system?

Computers use a binary system, not decimal.

Where can I find sports shoes sales?

You can use coupon websites or apps that specialize in sports products, or maybe find printout coupons that you can use in a store near you. Online stores have sales all the time.

What is an everyday example where a fraction is impossible to use you have to use a decimal?

There is no such example. If you cannot use an exact fraction then there will not be an exact decimal that you can use instead. And, if you are using an approximate decimal, you could use an approximate fraction instead.