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It is the sport of parachuting, also known as skydiving.

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Q: What is the sport of falling from a plane for a while before opening your parachute is called?
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Yes for sure. I read a book once about a WW2 B-17 bomber crewman who fell from 5,000 feet, with a faulty parachute, and landed at an angle on a mountain with powdery snow that allowed him to sustain only minor injuries. The book is called Bomber Boys if you want to check it out. I highly reccomend it.

What a parachute string is called?

It's called a "Riser".

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Can a person parachute without a parachute?

yes it is possible to parachute without a "parachute" there is a suit which u wear called a squirrel suite i believe which allows the air to be caught acting as a "brake" there for slowing you down but i am not sure if it works completley

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What does the first little parachute to open do?

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What is it called when you skydive and you release your parachute?


What is a parachute top part called?

The canopy.

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What device does a skydiver use to slow down?

The sky diver's parachute, also called a canopy, is used to slow the falling rate of a sky diver from terminal velocity (about 120mph) to a much slower and safer rate that the person can land without harm.

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