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Baseball is Puerto Rico most popular sport

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Q: What is the sport most played in Puerto Rico?
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Why is basketball the most played sport in Puerto Rico?

It wouldn't be a hard sport for them to have access to.

What games are played in Puerto Rico?

basketball, soccer, and baseball are the most commen sports played in puerto rico

Most popular sport in Puerto Rico?

The favorite sport is soccer.But the national is baseball.

What is Puerto Rico's most popular sport?

baseball or softball

What is the most popular sport in Puerto Rico?

the most popular sports is baseball and basketball

What is the most popular sports played in Puerto Rico?

Baseball is one of them, a lot of MLB players come from Puerto Rico.

Is baseball the national sport of Puerto Rico?

No. It may be the most popular sport on the island, but it has not been declared the official sport of the Island by its government or any agencies. Believe it or not, Horse Back Riding (specifically - Paso Fino) has been the "official" sport of Puerto Rico since 1966 according to the PR Olympic Committee. This was reaffirmed by the Puerto Rico Legislature on 18 August, 2003

Is Greece still the most popular sport for wrestling?

No, now it's Puerto Rico.

The instrument that is most played in Puerto Rico?

There are various instruments played in Puerto Rico. Some are "el cuatro" which is like a little guitar, another is "el guiro" and many more.

Why is Puerto Rico's favorite sport baseball?

I think baseball is there favorite sport because a lot of families don't live close to places where there are basketball courts and football fields most of puerto rico is grass land and dirt perfect to play baseball or football.

What cities are the most violent in the world?

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

What are the ethnic groups of Puerto Rico?

most of Puerto Rico are christian

What are the most important holidays in Puerto Rico?

the most important holidays in puerto rico are...................................... =P

Does Puerto Rico get hurricanes?

Yes, Puerto Rico gets hurricanes. Most of the ones that hit Florida hit Puerto Rico first.

What is the most expensive hotel in Puerto Rico?

The most expensive hotel in Puerto Rico is in San Juan.

What are the most important natural resources of Puerto Rico?

the most important natural resource in Puerto Rico is Elkhorn coral

What dish is most popular in Puerto Rico?

Asopao is the most popular food in Puerto Rico. Asopao is chicken with rice.

What is the national sport of Puerto Rico?

Paso Fino is Puerto Rico's official national sport. It was made the national sport by the Puerto Rican Olympic Committee in 1956 and reaffirmed by the Puerto Rican legislature as such 3 times. The most definitive on April 11, 2000 (Puerto Rico Senate bill SB 1856) making Paso Fino the official national sport of Puerto Rico (see link below) At one point cock fighting (Pelea de gallos) was Puerto Rico's official national sport, but a law passed on July 31, 2007 repealed the declaration made on June 30, 1954 that Cock fighting was a cultural right of all Puerto Ricans. Cock fighting was never declared a national sport, but accepted as such due to the 1954 law which has now been repealed. (See link below) Though baseball and even basketball as very popular in Puerto Rico, neither are declared national sports by legislature or any other governing body. Baseball may be considered the national pastime, but not due to any statutory authority, only due to its popularity. Mucha gente considera un deporte nacional "la política", la razón, la política se discuten 24 / 7 en nuestra isla. Para obtener información sobre Puerto Rico visite Many people consider politics a national sport because politics are discussed 24/7 on our island. To obtain information over Puerto Rico visit the website linked below

Is Puerto Rico apart of USA?

Puerto Rico is a part of the United States of America because it is a Commonwelath of the United States of America. But, Puerto Rico as a Commonwealth has its own government, Meaning that Puerto Rico selfs governs itself. Puerto Rico also speaks Spanish, not English, and Puerto Rico is a part of Latin America. So, even though Puerto Rico is a part of USA it has its own laws, culture, language, government, etc. That is why Puerto Rico is considered a country to most of the world.

What is typically the favorite sport in Puerto Rico?

There is not a consensus. But the most popular ones are boxing, basketball, baseball and in the last years soccer is becoming as popular as volleyball or more.

What is the most popular first name in Puerto Rico?

The most popular name right now in puerto rico is mike. The family of mike rotch is very popular in puerto rico so mike started to become extremely popular.

Why is Puerto Rico the most industrialized country in the Caribbean?

One reason is because Puerto Rico is part of the United States.

What is Puerto Rico's most populated city?

The San Juan Municipal District contain half of Puerto Rico's population.

What is the most industrialized country in the Caribbean?

Puerto rico

What is the main religion if Puerto Rico?

Most people in Puerto Rico are Christian. 75% of PR total population is Roman Catholic.