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You can play Water Polo and water volleyball in a pool. The Ironman Triathlon has a swimming competition which takes place in the sea.

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Q: What is the sport in sea or pool?
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Is pool table a sport?

yes pool is a sport

What is the least athletic sport?

Chess if you believe chess is a sport. If not, maybe pool.

When was Bude Sea Pool created?

Bude Sea Pool was created in 1930.

Is pool a sport?


What is Keith urban's favorite sport?

His favorite sport is bowling and pool

What professinal sport is mostly played in Lithuania?

As Lithuanias national sport, Pocket Pool is the most played sport. The PPL (Pocket Pool League) is based in Lithuania but dose have teams in other eastern European countrys.

What is the smallest sport in the world?

pocket pool

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Is pool volleyball an Australian sport?


What is the name of the sport where you swim in a pool?


What is a pool of shallowe water connceted to the sea?

A rock pool.

Do you prefer to swim in the sea or in a swimming pool?

swimming pool

Is diving a professional sport or an amateur sport?

Both. Diving is a sport in the Olympics, and people can dive in the pool or wherever they want. But it can be a professional sport purely based on the various techniques such as flips and spins while diving into the pool. It is a sport, like many others, that take years and years of practice before perfection.

Which sport uses chalk and pockets?

The sport of pool or pocket billiards uses chalk and pockets.

Why sea sport are not common in Pakistan?

boating is not common sport

Is there a sport that has 1 syllable?

Some examples of sports with one syllable are:-golf-luge-pool-there are so many!

What is Robert Pattinson's favourite sport?

pool and darts

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What sport does usher play?

Hahaha Pocket Pool

What is a pool of shallow water connected to the sea called?

A pool of shallow water connected to the sea is called a tide pool. There are some fish which live here and are known as offshore fish.

Is it safer to swim in a sea or a swimming pool?

It's safer to swim in a pool because in the sea there are sharks and dangerous animals also the waves and rapids can drown you or push you to the middle of the sea.

What sport do you need a cue stick to play?

Snooker or Pool

What sport would a split shot sinker be used in?


What sport did Terry Fox play in University?

pool and basketball.

Is sea fishing a sport?

Done by rod and reel it is. Commercial fishing is not a sport.