What is the speed for a caution lap?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Over the past ten Sprint Cup Series races at Martinsville Speedway, the average amount of caution laps per race has been 77 to 78.

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There were 16 cautions for a total of 60 laps in the 2011 Daytona 500.

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Q: What is the speed for a caution lap?
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How fast do NASCAR drivers drive while under caution?

The fastest lap in Nascar was an average speed of 212.809. This record was set by Bill Elliott in a qualifying lap at Talladega Superspeedway in 1987. This was before restrictor plates were in use.

What is the free pass in NASCAR?

Cars go a lap down when they get passed by the leader, when the caution comes out, the last car who went a lap down gets a free pass and he can go all the way around to the tail-end of the lead lap cars, thus, putting him/her on the same lap as the leader(s).

What is the NASCAR Lucky Dog rule?

The 'Lucky Dog' in Nascar is when the first car a lap down gets its lap back. When a caution comes out, the first car off the lead lap will get a wave around, they will then be able to start at the tail end of the lead pack.

Running a fast mile?

Run the first lap the slowest, speed it up a lot on the 2nd lap, work the hardest on the 3rd lap, and do your best on the last lap (sprint the last 100 meters).

Which is the stand-on vessel?

a vessel which keep its course and speed but with caution.

In which sport do competitors change lanes after every lap?

Speed Skating

What do policeman do to drivers who speed?

Advise, caution or issue a speeding ticket.

In Nascar racing why do some drivers hope for a yellow flag and how do they benefit?

Some drivers want a yellow flag (caution flag) to come out so that they can get their car adjusted or fueled or whatever without going a lap down. If they did this during a regular green flag lap they would most likely go a lap down. A caution also closes the field up. You're running at Pocono and your car has finally started working with the track. Unfortunately, you're in 19th, there are only 24 cars on the lead lap and the leader's a quarter-mile behind you. If you stay out on a long green-flag run, you're going to be a lap down in a very short time. But if someone cuts a tire and a caution comes out, everyone gets to close up behind the leader...and, with good work in the pits, you may even come out a couple spots ahead.

What is the average lap speed of the California Speedway track?

The California Speedway is now known as Auto Club Speedway. The average track speed reaches over 200 miles per hour while the fastest lap is 241.428 miles per hour.

What is the top speed at Indianapolis Raceway?

The fastest single lap (2.5 miles) record was set in 1996 by Arie Luyendyk was a speed of 237.498 mph.

Where would a lap car go after a caution on the track?

It depends,1. If they are the first car 1 lap down they get the lap back (this is called, "Lucky Dog.") They then are the last car in line and they are back on the lead lap.2. If not the first lap car they just keep their position in relation to the other cars. So if they are 5 cars behind the the first place car, they stay 5 cars behind the first place car.3. If all cars in front of them pit (lapped or not) and they do not then their car would be right behind the pace car on the restart. I have only seen this done a couple times.4. If they choose to pit then they are added to the back in the order they left the pits.Cars on the lead lap get to pit first. Cars a lap or more down have to wait until the second caution lap that the pits are open. So if all cars on the track pit then all lapped cars are behind the cars on the lead lap.This only applies to NASCAR. Other racing organisations have different rule regarding this.

Why did all of the lap cars start in front of the first place cars at the Kansas race after the red flag in Sundays race?

the lapped cars starts in the front because they are kind lucky dogs in the race. if you were the first car down a lap, and a caution came out, you'd be the luck dog.