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Q: What is the song that has been played at bruins and celtics games that has this opening lyric repeated over and over before the verse drops they like worm they like worm sounds lil Wayne - esque?
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What team came first Boston Celtics or Boston Bruins?


Who owns celtics and bruins?


Last time both Bruins and Celtics were in the Playoffs?

In 2008

When did Red sox bruins celtics patriots win same day?

Three out of four of them (Cetics, Bruins and Red Sox) won on April 20th, 2009.

What player played for the Boston Celtics and Boston Braves and Boston Bruins?

Bill Russell

How do the td garden seats change colors from green for the celtics to yellow for the bruins?

They don't.

Where is the Celtics sports team based?

The Boston Celtics are based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their home ground in the TD Garden, which is shared with the Hockey team Boston Bruins. The Celtics are a member of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Who was the only person ever to play for the Sox Celtics and the Bruins?

John F. Kiley (1912-1993) was the organist for the Red Sox, the Celtics, and the Bruins. He played at Fenway from 1957-1989 and at the Garden from 1953-1983. While he didn't play on the field, he did "play" for all three.

What kind of sports did massachauttes have?

Massachusetts's has baseball (Red Sox), hockey (Bruins), and basketball (Celtics).

How did they in the old days change the Boston Garden seats colors from yellow for Bruins and Green for celtics?

they didn't

Who owns the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston?

The Boston bruins and the Jacobs family. The celtics pay a lease

Who played for both the bruins and Celtics?

I'm assuming you mean a player who has played for both teams. If so , there has never been a player to play for both teams to the best of my knowledge. However, John Kiley played the organ for the Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox and is often credited with "playing" for all three teams.

What are some sports teams in Massachusetts?

Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots

What are the professional sports teams in Massachusetts?

The Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins and New England Patriots.

Capacity of Boston Celtics arena?

NHL Hockey(Boston Bruins): 17,565NBA Basketball(Boston Celtics): 18,624For any event(non-sports related): 19,580

What is Massachusetts sports teams?

New England Patriots Boston Red Sox Boston Bruins Celtics

What are some professional sports teams of massachussetts?

Baseball it's the Red Sox, and football is the New England Patriots. Basketball would be the Celtics. Hockey it is the Bruins.

Have the Red Sox Celtics Bruins and Patriots ever played on the same day?

Yes, I saw all three play in , 1963 or 4 on the same day

What is the bruins opening face off song?

it has a metal sounding guitar and they play it when they are showing the goalies stats when the game is on NESN (and the Bruins are at home). it goes right up until the face off.

When did the Celtics start playing in TD Garden?

The FleetCenter, the original name of the TD Garden, replaced the venerable Boston Garden, which had been in operation since 1928. The new arena, home of the Celtics and the National Hockey League Boston Bruins, opened on September 30, 1995. The Celtics' first win there was a 113-109 victory over the Phoenix Suns on November 8, 1995.

What is the song played during the Boston Bruins opening video showing the current 2008 season?

men in black?

What is massachussets known for?

One thing that Massachusetts is known for is Harvard University. The area is also known for its sports teams. Massachusetts has the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Bruins, and the Celtics.

What team did Blake Wheeler play for before the bruins?

Minnesota Gophers

WEEI is a sports news located in what United States city?

WEEI is s sports news station that is located in the American city Boston. They focus on the following teams: Red Sox, Patriots, Boston Bruins and the Celtics.

What was Thomas jersey number with the Boston Bruins before he wore?

Tim Thomas wore number 70 in 2003 for the Bruins. He has worn 30 for the team since the 2005-06 season.