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it is samba de janeiro by bellini. i just got it on iTunes!

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Q: What is the song played when teams score in euro 2008?
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Who was in the euro 2008?

No English teams was in euro 2008

Who selects the teams in Euro 2008?

the manager of each team

What was the score in France vs Romania in euro 2008?

0 - 0

How many goals did England score in the 2008 European cup?

England did not score any goals at Euro 2008 because they failed to qualify for it.

What was the score of Turkey vs Czech Republic?

euro 2008 4:3 :-(

Who was the last person to score a hat trick for Spain?

The last person to score a hattrick for Spain was in Euro 2008, David Villa

When did theo walcott score against Croatia?

Yes he scored against Croatia, it was a hat trick I think , it was for the euro 2008.

How many teams in euro's 2012?

16 teams

What happens if teams are drawn on the same points in the group stages at euro 2008?

Then the team with the highest goal difference goes through.

How can Turkey play In The Euro 2008 finals If they are not a member of the European union?

The Euro Cup is not restricted to the European Union cmembers. All the teams belonging to the UEFA can play the EURO Cup. In fact, The EURO Cup was played for the first time en 1960, before the creation of the European Union and only three years after the formation of the European Economic Community that was formed at the time by only six countries.

Did fabregas score any goals in the euro?

Yes he did score.

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