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when the saints go marching in. Saints is Southhampton's nickname.

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Q: What is the song played before Southampton fc matches?
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The song before world cup matches?

It is the anthem played of the two countries playing.

What song is played at Leeds Carnegie matches before kick off?

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string for yasmin by tin tin out

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What is that Irish song played at hockey games?

It is not about soccer, but The Fields of Athenry is an Irish song that is sung at many soccer matches.

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'The Liquidator' by 'Harry J All Stars' Dan Marsh.

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Was the song bells of st mary's inspired by the Southampton uk church bells of the same name?

I believe that it was. I used to ring at St Mary's Southampton, and when we ended the evening practice we would always chime the bells in the tune of the song.

What song is played before the derby?

"my Old Kentucky Home"

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