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they dont play a song

RE: "They don't play a song."

This is incorrect. They play Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" at the end of a loss.

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Takin' Care Of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive

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Takin' Care of Business by Bachman-Turner Overdrive if they win.

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Q: What is the song played at Shea when the mets win?
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Did the mets win their first game at Shea?

No they won at the polo grounds

Where did the New York Mets win the World Series?

The Mets won their fourth game of the two World Series they won (1969, 1986) at Shea Stadium in New York.

What is the Mets all-time win-loss record at Shea?

1,856 wins, 1,709 losses and five ties. courtesy

Did the mets win today?

The first game at Shea was played on Friday 4/17/64. The Prates beat the Mets 4-3 on a Bill Mazeroski single in the top of the 9th inning off Ed Bauta who relieved starting pitcher Jack Fisher. Bob Friend, a future Met, started and won for the Pirates. Willie Stargell of the Pirates hit the only HR in the game. After another loss the next day, the Mets won the third game played at Shea behind Alvin Jackson's 6 hit shutout. After a series of rainouts, the 4th game at Shea was played. Although the Mets lost to the Cubs, Ron Hunt hit the first Mets HR against Dick Ellsworth in the 8th inning.

What was the Mets first game?

1964 The slogan was "Home at last!: I had a sweatshirt with that when I was a kid, here's a link to a picture of it.:

What was the main headline in sports in 1973?

The main headline was The New York Mets vs. the Boston Red Sox in the world series. what made it so special is that it went to game 7. And while they were the underdog the Mets pulled of a world series win at Shea Stadium. Check this article out this is where I found it.

What is the name of the song that is played at Gilette after a win by the patriots not just a home game but a win I believe it is a different song than the who?

The song is Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who.

Which Phillies pitcher pitched a perfect game against the Mets on Father's Day in 1964?

Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game on June 21, 1964, at Shea Stadium in the first game of a double-header. Bunning threw 90 pitches with 10 strikeouts for a 6-0 win over the Mets.

Do the Twins play the Mets in the 2010 season?

The Mets played the Twins three times in 2010. June 25, 26 and 27. On June 25th, the Mets won 5-2 (Pelfrey got win). June 26th, the Twins won 6-0 (Santana got the lose). The Mets won again on the 27th, 6-0 (Niese gets the win)

What was the New York Mets record vs sandy koufax and who beat him?

Koufax started 20 games against the Mets and the Mets record in those 20 games was 2-18. Koufax had a record of 17-2 with 1 no decision.1962: 3-01963: 4-01964: 2-0 (1 no decision)1965: 4-11966: 4-1Koufax lost to the Mets, 5-2, on August 26, 1965 at Shea Stadium. Tug McGraw got the win for the Mets and Jack Fisher got the save.He also lost, 10-4, on August 30, 1966 at Shea. Tug McGraw started for the Mets but only pitched 1 1/3 innings. Bob Friend came on in relief and pitched the final 7 2/3 innings to get the win.The no decision came on July 30, 1964 at Shea. The Dodgers wound up winning the game, 5-3, with Bob Miller getting the win for the Dodgers.Koufax threw 14 complete games and 5 shutouts against the Mets in his career.

What is is the song played after a dodger win?

I love LA by randy newman

Number of games the mets played in 1969?

The Cubs (74-43) were 10 games ahead of the Mets (62-51) after games played on August 13. The Mets played their final 49 games of the season at a 38-11 clip while the Cubs played their final 45 games at an 18-27 clip. The Mets won the East Division title by 8 games over the Cubs.