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starts with back in black by AC/DC when they are walking down the tunnel then goes into Inter the sandman Metalica as they start to exit the tunnel. GO HAWKS!

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Back on Black by AC/DC

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Q: What is the song played as the Iowa Hawkeyes are in the tunnel?
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What is the state song of Iowa?

The State song of Iowa is, The Song of Iowa.

What is name of Iowa's state song?

the state song is The song of Iowa

What is the name of Iowa's state song?

the state song is The song of Iowa

What is Iowa state song?

The song's title is "Song of Iowa." Not very original title however it was the year of 1911.

When was Iowa Fight Song created?

Iowa Fight Song was created in 1951.

Which Third Day album has the song Light at the end of this Tunnel?

The song "Tunnel" is in the album named 'Wherever you are' by Third Day.

What song is played at Heinz field while the Stelers are in the tunnel waiting?

I think that it's "Sirius" from the Allen Parsens Project

When was Tunnel of Love - Dire Straits song - created?

Tunnel of Love - Dire Straits song - was created on 1980-08-25.

Who sings the song Bringing home the Roses It was made when the Iowa Hawkeyes went to Rose Bowl one year?

It was a promotional record put out by Pizza Hut in 81' in recognition of their awesome season. Artist was "fabulous fryers" Occassionally you may see the record pop up on ebay. Go Hawks!

The name of the husker tunnel walk?

The Tunnel Walk. The song is 'Sirius' by the Alan Parsons Project.

Where can you find the theme song to the Iowa public television show for the Iowa state fair?

It is the theme song from the movie "How the West was Won."

What is the Muscatine Iowa High School fight song?

Depending upon how you look at it, Muscatine HS in Muscatine, IA actually has two fight songs. The first is just titled "Muscatine School Song" and is actually "Illinois Loyalty". The second is titled "Muscatine HS Fight Song" and is the same as the University of Iowa Fight Song. The two songs are generally played back-to-back with the school song continuing without pause into the introduction of the fight song.