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"Our Destiny" Hinda Hicks

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Q: What is the song on love and basketball when monica was training and Quincy was playing basketball?
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What song was playing while Quincy and Monica were playing basketball at the end of Love and Basketball?

fool of me

What song was playing in love and basketball when monica and Quincy were at usc?

"I like" by Guy

What was the girl named in love in basketball?

Love and basketball? The girl's name was Monica, guy was Quincy. She was played by Sanaa Lathan :) Great film!

Who are the main characters in love in basketball?

Monica Wright played by Sanaa Lathan and Quincy "Q" McCall played by Omar Epps

In the 2000 film Love and Basketball What was Monica's last name?

Monica Wright was the main female character in Love and Basketball.

Who played monica when she was little in love and basketball?

Kyla Pratt played the role of young Monica in the movie, Love and Basketball.

What was the song playing in love and basketball when monica went to the wba?

Interesting and very difficult to put into x amount of letters.

In the movie Love and Basketball what was Monica's sister's name?

Regina Hall plays the role of Monica's sister, Lena Wright, in the movie Love and Basketball.

What was monica's last name in love and basketball?


In Love and Basketball what age did Monica get a scar?

She was 11.

Was Lisa Leslie in love and basketball?

She was towards the end. The main character Monica ended up playing for the L.A. Sparks and they showed Lisa Leslie.

Who played Monica in Love and Basketball?

Kyla Pratt played the young version of Monica and Sanaa Lathan played the older one in the 2000 movie, Love and Basketball.

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