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Q: What is the song in the summer x-games commercial?
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Who is the brown-haired white girl in the GAP commercial with the song Summer Breeze?

Jessica Miller was in a GAP commercial with the Summer Breeze song.

What is the song in SyFy's summer commercial?

Lisztomania by phoenix

What is the song on Travelocity's 2009 'Summer of Possibilities' commercial?

i have no idea what the name of the song is.

Who sings the song on the summer target commercial?

incense and peppermint

Who sings the song in the flora by Gucci commercial?

Donna summer

Who the song in the Friday night lights 2009 commercial?

The song is "Walls" by Rocket Summer.

What is the song in the Infinity Limited Engagement Winter Event commercial?

The song is "Summer Daydream" by The Airplanes.

What is the song in the twizzlers twists summer commercial 2013?

1987 chocolate

What is the song from the new prevacid commercial?

Summer Time by Mungo Jerry

What is that song on the nick for that new summer commercial?

Vita - Like Boom

Who sings the song on the LensCrafter commercial?

Donovan. The song is "colours" from his album: Reflection Songs for a Summer Day

What is the song on travelers insurance commercial with the jungle animals?

aberfeldy summer's gone