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there are two different songs but both by the same artist, flipsyde. One is Someday and the other is called US History.

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  • The Song is: Home
  • The Artist is: Phillip Phillips, American Idol Winner's First single
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Home - Philip Phillips

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Q: What is the song in commercial for 2014 winter Olympics?
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What is the song in the new 2010 Nike commercial?

The song in the 2010 Nike commercial (first aired during the Vancouver Winter Olympics) is "Ali in the Jungle" by The Hours.

Who sings the song winter wonderland in the Verizon commercial?

Winter Wonderland is sung by Sleeper Agent for the Verizon commercial.

What is the McDonald's commercial song that plays at the Olympics?

Its called Odessey by The Wyld!

What is the song from the commercial of the magnificent 7 on the Olympics for 2012?

Home Phillip Phillips

What song is on the Coke commercial with Olympic and special Olympics in the background?

Breathe Me by Sia

What is the song in the 2012 Olympics Bud Light commercial?

Fire by Viv and the Revival

What is the song in the target commercial running the 2012 Olympics?

soldier by ingrid michaelson!

What was the name of the song on the Chevrolet Olympic commercial about the guy who fell into the lake and froze and went around frozen to all the events?

The song in that Chevrolet Olympic commercial is called "Frozen" by Madonna. It was released in 1998 as the lead single from her album "Ray of Light."

What is the song in the Ford Focus commercial?

The name of the song that plays in the 2014 Ford Focus commercial is What I Wouldn't Do by Serena Ryder. The commercial features a red Focus.

What is the song from the Deadliest Catch season 10 commercial 2014 Be Careful What You Wish For?

Rogelio Douglas Jr. ''Be Careful'' is the song from the commercial.

What is the song in the Infinity Limited Engagement Winter Event commercial?

The song is "Summer Daydream" by The Airplanes.

What is the name of song in the new GM commercial for the Olympics?

The Story, sung by Brandi Carlile