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Q: What is the song for 7 in recorder karate?
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What is the fourth song in recorder karate?

What is the fourth song for recorder karate

What is recorder karate?

Recorder karate is something you do in school starting at 3rd grade. If you want to know how to play the recorder. When you do recorder karate you play a song and if you play the song right on the recorder, then you will get a white belt from your music teacher. Then on the second song if you play the song right you will get a yellow belt It is called recorder karate because you can get a belt every time you play a song right kinda like karate! I am in 3rd grade that is how i know this.

How do you play the second song in recorder karate?

hey Hey Hey Hey...................

What is the belt after yellow on recorder karate?

The belt after yellow belt on recorder karate is the orange belt. The song of yellow belt is Gently Sleep and the song on orange belt is Merrily We Roll Along.

What is the song after old MacDonald in recorder karate?

It's When Saint go Marching Here are the notes to the song, "When the Saints Go Marching in" for the recorder: GBC'D'-----GBC'D'-----GBC'D' B G A G----- BAG-GB-D'D'D'C' BC'D' BGAG-----

What comes after purple belt in recorder karate?


What are the titanium notes on recorder?

Titanium is not typically used in the construction of recorders. However, if you are looking for information on different types of recorder materials, common materials include wood (such as maple or pear), plastic (ABS resin), and occasionally metal (such as brass or aluminum). Each material will affect the sound and playability of the recorder in different ways.

Titanic song for recorder?

How do you play french folk song on the recorder?

It depends what kind of recorder

What led zepplin song has a recorder solo?

Stairway to Heaven has a recorder solo.

What is the song from Karate Kid?

The song in Karate Kid is Never say Never by Justin Beiber feat Jaden Smith

What Justin Bieber song on recorder?