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Rhode Island. There are two colleges that have Basketball teams.

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Q: What is the smallist state with a basketball team?
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What is the smallist state along the Pacific Ocean?

Alaska and Hawaii

Are the Arizona State Sun Devils a basketball or football team?

Arizona State University has both a basketball and a football team.

What state is the villanova basketball team from?


Who are the most famous basketball team?

The most famous college basketball team in the United States of America is the Michigan State Spartan basketball team. The most famous professional basketball team is the Pistons.

What is the best AAU basketball team?

It depends on what state your in

What is the basketball team for the state Coloroda?

denver nuggets

What is the name of the basketball team of NC state?


What state is the basketball team Georgetown from?

Washington D.C.

What is the name of the Iowa state basketball team?


What was the team roster for 1972 Michigan state basketball team?

black people

What is the team name of the professional basketball team in Massachusetts state?

The Boston Celtics

What is the name of the Minnesota state basketball team?

minnesota state timber wolves

What is the name of the Oregon State University basketball team?

Oregon State Beavers

Who are the last 10 Texas 5a basketball state champions?

the team that won state in basketball on 2004 is houston milby

Who was coach for The Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team not football?

Ohio State's current basketball coach is Thad Matta.

What is the number 1 college basketball team?

Ohio State

What is cal state northridge basketball team name?


Who was on the 1963 Ohio State basketball team?

James shaffer

Which state has never had a team in the NCAA basketball tournament?


What is tennessee' s basketball team name?

What is the name of the Teensse basketball team? Because that is my sister's state report? Do you know what it is?If you do please comment.

What state is UNLV Basketball from?

The UNLV team are a NNCA Division 1 basketball team located in Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. They're also commonly known as the "Runnin' Rebels."

What are some good basketball questions for a school newspaper?

What is your school's basketball team's ranking, in the nation and the state.

Who are the Golden State Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors are a professional basketball team from Oakland, California. They play in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

1979 Indiana state mens basketball team nickname?


Who is the best college basketball team in the state of Tennessee?

The University of TENNESSEE.