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The course that was once located on Johnston Atoll in the South Pacific. It was located on the northeast side of the island. It was located next to the softball field. The front 9 distance was 920 yards and the back 9 was 920 yards (1840 yards total). It was a 9 hole course that was played twice. All holes were par 3. You had to deal with a constant 20-30mph wind from the east (trade winds) which made it extremely difficult to play.

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the 5th hole at West Essex Golf Club could be the smallest championship green in England. Known as'the Frying Pan' by the members, SkyCaddie have measured the circular green as only 14 yards wide (about 154 sq. yards). The 8th hole at Royal Troon, known as the postage stamp, is only about 10 yards wide but is 30 yards long (around 300 sq. yards). So the 5th at West Essex is about half the size of the postage stamp. Does anyone know of a smaller championship green in England?"

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Q: What is the smallest golf course?
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