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5 and if you want guys like boys and mens its 3

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Q: What is the smallest available size in mens metal baseball spikes?
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What year did Indiana High School Baseball outlaw metal spikes?


Can you take the spikes of the ua yard iiimid-cut metal baseball cleats?

You can, but I wouldn't recommend doing that unless one of the spikes broke.

What are the best kind of cleats for baseball?

Baseball cleats are made of either metal, rubber or plastic. The most common baseball cleats are made with metal spikes.

What is the difference between soft spikes and golf shoes?

Are minor league players allowed to wear metal spikes?

yes but they CAN'T be pointed metal spikes

How can you tell if you have baseball cleats?

Baseball cleats are metal spikes on the bottom of baseball shoes that help keep the player from slipping. You can tell if you have them by looking at the shoes, or you could feel their bottoms.

What are railroad spikes made of?

i think its metal.

Differences between spikes and molded cleats?

They are not different things. Soft spikes are the spikes on the bottom of most golf shoes. There are two types of spikes, soft spikes (which are as standard with 99% of golf shows) and metal spikes - which are a single metal stud. Metal spikes were common many years ago, but soft spikes have revolutionised the industry, they provide more grip and are not as taxing on the green.

A metal ball with spikes on it that was used in the war?


Do MLB players wear metal spikes?

all of them do

Do golf shoe have metal spik?

The direct answer to this question is yes and no! Many golfers with older shoes still have metal spikes, but almost all newer golf shoes come with plastic spikes. The reason metal spikes fell out of favor is because of the marks they left in the greens, especially if the golfer was careless and dragged his/her foot. These days, many good golf courses will not allow you to play if you have metal spikes. Replacing old metal spikes is easy with a spike key and a bag of new plastic spikes. Just twist off the old spikes and screw in the new ones and you're good to go.

What are the pros and cons of wearing metal cleats when playing youth baseball?

While they give runners better grip when they are running on a baseball field, metal cleats in youth baseball have almost totally stopped being used. They are dangerous to both those playing field positions, as spikes can hit as runners slide and run bases, and to the runners because spikes can catch in the ground and cause leg/knee injuries.