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The smallest current stadium for football is the Kibbie Dome for the Idaho Vandals. It seats 16,000.

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Q: What is the smallest NCAA stadium for football and basketball?
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Smallest football stadium in NCAA 1-AA football?

Georgetown Hoyas at 2500.

What is the cheapest NCAA stadium for basketball?

NCAA basketball is not played in stadiums.

Which college has won the most titles in football baseball and basketball?

The Alabama Crimson Tide have won the most NCAA Football Titles The UCLA Bruins have won the most NCAA Basketball Titles The USC Trojans have won the most NCAA Baseball Titles In Women's NCAA Basketball the Connecticut Lady Huskies have the most NCAA Basketball Titles

What NCAA football school has the smallest enrollment?


Most combined NCAA wins in football and basketball?

Notre Dame combined football and basketball and I believe Syracuse is 2nd.

What is the smallest university or college in the men's NCAA basketball tournament?


What is the biggest American football Stadium?

That depends on what particular football league you are referring to; NFL or NCAA. If you are wondering about the largest stadium in the NFL, the answer would be the New Meadowlands Stadium. It has a capacity of 82,566 and is the home of the New York Jets and Giants. If you are wanting to know the largest of NCAA football, and the overall largest football stadium in the US, the answer to your question would be... (drum roll)... Michigan Stadium, with a capacity of 109,901, it is the stadium for the University of Michigan, home of the Wolverines.

When do the NCAA basketball rankings come out?

The NCAA rankings come out every Monday for basketball. 1:00 pm eastern time on Sundays for football

What are the smallest NCAA college football program?

Rice University

Can a ncaa school be in two different conferences in football and basketball?

Yes, Notre Dame is independent in football but plays basketball in the big east.

What is Biggest NCAA football stadium in the US?

University of Michigan (in Ann Arbor)

NCAA college football stadiums that run east to west?

Samford stadium

Which teams have won ncaa championships in football basketball and baseball?


What scools have won NCAA championships in football and basketball?

Florida, Michigan

What division 2 NCAA basketball school has the smallest number of students?

Ohio Valley University

Will there be a NCAA 12?

Yes, there is a NCAA Football 12 out for X-Box 360 and PS3, but there is no college basketball video game this season.

Which NCAA division 1 schools have won national championships in mens basketball and womens basketball and football?

Stanford and Maryland

What arena was the 2011 NCAA basketball game?

The National Championship game was held at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Has A school won NCAA basketball and football in the same year?

Yes, Florida did it in the 2006-07 season. They defeated Ohio State in the championship game of both basketball and football

What schools have won NCAA championships in football and basketball?


Which schools have won NCAA championships in football basketball and baseball?

Two schools have won NCAA national championships in football, baseball, and men's basketball: Jacksonville State University (NCAA Division II) Men's Basketball (1985) Baseball (1990, 1991) Football (1992) University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (NCAA Division III) Men's Basketball (1984, 1989) Baseball (2005) Football (2007, 2009, 2010) Note 1: The NCAA does not officially sanction a football national championship in FBS / Division I Note 2: Jacksonville State now competes at FCS / Division I

Which NCAA college football stadium is the highest altitude in the US?

Wyoming is the highest Div 1A stadium at 7220. Not sure about other divisions. Western State College of Colorado is the highest collegiate football stadium in the United States at 7750 ft. Western State is D2

Which team won the championship this year in the NCAA?

football- LSU Basketball- Kansas

What are salaries for ncaa football and basketball officials?

15 cents a quarter im dead serious

Does an NFL football or an NCAA basketball weigh more?

well it depends if you are talkin about a linemen or a quarterback