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Q: What is the smallest Dublin GAA club?
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Where are the headquarters of the gaa?

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is headquartered in Croke Park, Dublin.

Who is the lead of St. Jude's Gaelic Athletic Association?

The 2013 president of St. Jude's GAA club in Dublin is Joan Molamphy. See the link below.

When was Kenmare Shamrocks GAA Club created?

Kenmare Shamrocks GAA Club was created in 1888.

Who are the oldest gaa club in Ireland?

A number of clubs claim this title. Some that were founded in the early days of the GAA are now gone, like Metropolitans in Dublin. Others survive, like Blarney GAA club(Cork), founded in 1884, the same year as the GAA itself. Others founded in 1884 include Round Towers(Dublin), Tullaroan(Kilkenny), and South Liberties (Limerick).

Which Co in Ireland has the second most GAA clubs?


Is Dublin the smallest county?

No. Louth is the smallest, Carlow is the second smallest and Dublin is the third smallest.

What is the street address of the Derry GAA?

The street address of the Derry GAA is All Saints Rd, Dublin Ireland. The phone number of this club is +353 1 851 0077. It is one of the most famous and oldest football clubs in the area.

Where is Brownstown GAA pitch?

Brownstown GAA club is on the N52 in county Westmeath. It is between Kells and Mullingar. The address is: Brownstown GAA Club Delvin, Acherstown, Co. Westmeath.

How long is Vodafone sponsorship deal with Dublin GAA?

It is a 6 year deal.

When was Mountmellick GAA created?

Miltown Malbay GAA Club was created in 1892.

When was Ballinahinch GAA formed?

Ballinahinch GAA Club in county Tipperary was founded in 1886.

When was Ballinahinchi GAA formed?

Ballinahinch GAA Club was founded in 1886 on th 1st of november.