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Q: What is the size of the discus for men 60-64 in senior games?
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What discus size did Jorgan Sch-ult use to break the world record?

the 2kg size

What was the original size of the discus thrower statue?

3 meter high

What size discus was used for the current world record holder?

3.0 Kg

What weight in discus do under 15 men throw?

girls will alway throw the same size discus no matter how old 1 kilogram or 2.2 pounds

What discus size does the middle school boys use to throw?

beetween 20m-35m (under13,s)

What is the phone number of the Senior Full Size Van - 5 in St. Louis?

The phone number of the Senior Full Size Van - 5 is: 314-994-3300.

What is the average size for a junior high discus?

8th grader Lane Lunt, from Pima Arizona threw a distance of 156ft. 3in.

Does Wendy's give discounts?

Yes, they have senior drinks, which are free value size drinks. I have not seen any other senior discounts but the senior drinks are very popular!

What size discus do high school girls use?

Approximatley 1 kilogram

Where is the Senior Full Size Van - 5 in St. Louis located?

The address of the Senior Full Size Van - 5 is: 1640 S Lindbergh Blvd, St. Louis, 63131 3501

How big is a senior hockey helmet?

a senior is the same thing as a large. i wear a large and my hat size is 7 1/2.

What is the diameter of a discus circle?

The diameter is 8 feet, circumference 25.12, area 50.24