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Q: What is the size of ripstick wheels?
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How many wheels does a razor ripstick have?


Can you use skateboard wheels on a ripstick?

It is a bad idea to ripstick and skateboard wheels are very different but i don't know if it would work but it probably wouldn't.

How does a ripstick accelerate?

The skateboard goes faster if the skateboards wheels are good and fast than the skateboard will go faster than a ripstick.

Which is better ripstick air or ripstick g?

to my knowledge a rip stik has rotating wheels like a shopping trolley. one front and one back. there are a few self propelling boards around . the rip stick and the smoothstar skateboards are two of them. theres probably more.

Does a skate board have more wheels than a unicycle and tricycle?

It depends on the question. A Ripstick skateboard only has 2 wheels while a tricycle has 3 wheels. If you mean the number of wheels combined, then it will be equal, if you have a normal unicycle, skateboard, and tricycle.

What is the fastest ripstick called?

A Ripstick

What does ripstick G stand for?

Ripstick Glide

Does Walmart carry ripstick wheels?

I am sure it depends on the size of your Walmart and where it is located. For instantance a Walamrt in Alaska might get more or less items than a Walamrt in Kentucky bewcause of its size or maybe it might get more because it is closer to China. Just go to your local Walmart and find out! If it is not there than check on

Is it ribstick or ripstick?

I think I saw one in WAL-MART.

What is better ripstik or skateboard?

Ripstick is the best.

Does Justin Bieber ripstick?

Yes, he does! I saw a pic of him trying out a ripstick as the before and he was, like, falling of the ripstick and then there was an after and he was riding it perfectly. So practically, Yes!

Is it easy to ripstick?

It IS easy to ripstick, but it is a difficult concept to learn. While our minds are used to wheels traveling in a straight line, we have to put all that aside to realize how a ripstick operates on shopping cart-like wheels. I find it is easiest to put my front foot on, keep it level, and push off like a skateboard while quickly placing my other foot on the back. Then to "push", you simply wiggle the back end which propels you forward. Once you get the feel for it, you can fine tune your abilities with jumping onto the ripstick to start out, wiggling the front AND back for speed and even doing tight circles in place which plays havoc on your equilibrium. But of course, as with all things in life, anything is easy if you practice practice practice.