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What is the size of home plate in men's softball?

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Q: What is the size of home plate in women's softball?
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Size of softball home plate?

same as baseball

What size is a slow pitch home plate?

The same size as any other home plate, from softball to baseball. All homeplates are the same. and bases. Just not the distance.

What is the size of a slow pitch softball?

12 inch for mens 11 inch for womens

What is the size of the mat behind home plate for slow pitch softball?

I have found various answers all over. No official dimensions exist but plent of leagues play by it. Some manufacturers call it a "mat" or a "home plate extension" or a "carpet." One league even mandates a gap the size of a softball between the mat and the plate. I'm making my own and we won't be playing with a gap. So, the dimensions I have decided to use to make my own are 17" wide (same as home plate) and 26" long. The notch in it is 8.5" deep to match the shape of the plate. The new total rectangle dimentions including home plate thus will be 17" wide by 34.5" long (8.5" side edge length of the plate + 26" extension).

What is the size of a softball field?

There are 60 feet between each of the bases (home to 1st, 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to home) and the distance from home plate to the outfield fence varies but is usually around 200 ft.

What is the size of softball plate?

If you're referring to home plate it is 17 inches wide and 17 inches from bottom to tip. The sides are 8 1/2 inches from the bottom to the angle leading to the tip and 12 inches along that angle.

Why isn't softball a major league sport?

even though it is an athletic game the reason that softball if not a major league sport is due to the size of the ball. that is sadly the only reason why. people dont find it as interesting if the ball is easily hit, womens softball is a different story tho. because in mens league your underhand pitch is slow but for women the pitch is fast. but once again the problem is the ball size and that so many people undermine womens sports.

What is a youth size 6 to womens?

Its a size 8 in womens

What would a mens waist size 36 be in womens clothing size?

Mens waist sizes are simply womens sizes + 20. For example, Womens size 8 = Mens size 28 and Womens size 10 = Mens size 30. To answer the question, a mens waist size 36 is a womens size 16.

What is the size of a base in softball?

what is the real size of softball bases??

What is the size of a batters-box in softball?

3' wide x 7' long is the outside of the chalk lines which count as part of the inside of the batter box. 6" from the edge of home plate (white part not black.) of the 7', 3' should be toward the backstop and 4' should be toward the outfield from the mid-angle point of home plate.

What size is kids shoe 13.5 in a womens?

What size is kids shoe 3.5 in a womens?

What is a size 7.5 men's shoes equal in womens size?

womens shoe size 7.5=mens shoe size 5.5

What is the regular size of a softball field?

bases 60 feet apart and fences 200 feet from home

What is a size 10 in womens pants converted into a mens?

Answering "What is a size 10 in womens pants converted into a mens?" Answering "What is a size 10 in womens pants converted into a mens?"

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Size 9 in womens.

What is a womens shoe size 9 in kids?

a womens 9 is a child's youth size 7!

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Size 20 womens pants are what size in mens clothing

Is there a difference between Softball baseball cleats?

Softball cleats are made in girls sizes and for girls feet. Baseball cleats are made in boys sizes and for boys feet. Other than that, there isn't much of a difference. Softball Players can wear Baseball cleats, and baseball can wear softball cleats. you would just need to look up a convesrion online. I wear a 7.5 in my womens softball cleats, but when i wear my mens baseball cleats im a size 6.

Describe the strike zone in softball?

For fast pitch softball, international play and NCAA is bottom of the shoulders to lower portion of the knees. And the width of the plate. NOTE: Due to size of the ball the strike zone in softball can seem wider than MLB, but it's similar. Also the rules of the batters box differ between softball and baseball.

What is the diametre of a softball?

The diameter changes with the size of softball.

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Womens apparel has a wode range of sizes. The smallest size is a size 0.

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a womens 5-6

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size 28 in mens - 20 = size 8 in womens mens sizes are the same as womens sizes + 20.

What is a womens size 7.5 equal in men shoes?

womens shoe size 7.5=mens shoe size 5.5