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usually 22 feet

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Q: What is the size of a snowboard superpipe?
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How do you know what size snowboard to get a youth?

The best way to find out the size of a snowboard to get a youth would be to contact a professional snowboarding instructor. One can also find the size by going to the website "The House" and looking at the snowboard sizing charts and guides.

How do you determine the speed of a snowboard?

By the size of the hill it is on

What is the size of a snowboard?

usually 22 feet

What size does a 10 year old that weighs 100 pounds need for a snowboard snowboard?

Around a 146

What are the release dates for Vans Cup at Tahoe - 2006 2007 Superpipe?

Vans Cup at Tahoe - 2006 2007 Superpipe was released on: USA: 7 May 2007

Would these snowboard sizes fit a 6ft 150lb?

The size of the snowboard will determine whether or not it will fit a 6ft 150lb.

If your 5'3 what size snowboard?

140-145 cm

What size snowboard shoulduse who is 5 feet 11 inches tall 165 lbs?

Well the snowboard should be just about as tall as you

Can you fit 10.5 size Burton snowboard boots in medium size Burton bindings?

No way

What size snowboard should I get I am 5'2?

A person that is 5'2 will need a snowboard that is between 139 and 147cm. This varies depending on the person's actual weight.

What size of snowboard do you need im 6feet 200lb?

the length of your board should be about 162 cm. your snowboard should be anywhere from your chin to your nose.

What snowboard size should you get if you are 1.75 mt tall?

Answer helloo im a personal snowboard trainer in davos of Switzerland and you need exactly1.57 snowboard and shorter so between 1,55 and 1.57 is the best size for you. you have to know that board have to reach from the ground to your shouldiers an a little bit a little only 1-2 cm higher from your shouldiers ok.have fun andd good luck on your snowboard choise for this size byeANSWER:Compare your height in centimeters to the length of the snowboard. Maybe you can choose 149 -157 cm.