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Six feet long by four feet wide

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Q: What is the size of a major league batters box?
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What size is the batters box?

the size of the batters box goes from the batters knees to his shoulders and a width of 17 inches

What is the size of the batters box in baseball?

a batters box is 4 foot by 6 foot.

How wide is the batters box in baseball?

According to, the batter's box is 4 feet X 6 feet. In major league baseball the batters box is 60 inches long and 40 inches wide.

What is the distance from batters box to first base?

90 Feet from the plate in Major League Baseball. 86-94 feet from the batter's boxes (depending on the side).

Size of a batters box?

Page 4 of the Official Baseball Rules shows a diagram of the infield, stating the batters box is 4 feet by 6 feet.

What is the distance from the batters box to home plate?

There is no distance from the batter's box to home plate. The batter's box is adjacent to the 8 1/2 inch side of home plate. They are 4 feet wide and 6 feet long for major league baseball.

What is the size of a batters box in softball?

7 feet long 3 feet wide.

What is the official size batters box for T-Ball?

They must be 3ft wide by 5ft long

What is the area of the batters circle minus the area of each batters box and catchers box and umpire box?

17 degrees kelvin

High school rules are being used in this situation. If you have one foot in the batters box and the othere foot out of it are you in or out of the batters box?

you are in the box, you have to call for time.

What is the average size of Little League baseball players?

bigger than a bread box, smaller than a car

Is the batters box fair territory?

No, the batter's box is in foul territory.

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