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A horse's size depends on a lot of things, but most importantly its breed.

Miniature horses such as the Falabella are not intended for riding because they are far too small. The Falabella is approximately 5-6 hands high (hh). Falabellas are pets, and some have even been trained to take over the duties of guide dogs. The Shetland pony is an ageless favourite for small children. The true Shetland stands about 8-9hh, but the American Shetland (crossbred with riding ponies to make it suitable for a child's mount) stands about 11hh. A small pony as would be expected for a first mount for a young child is approximately 13hh. If an adult of average height stretched out their arm so that it was horizontal, it would just touch the pony's withers (the point where the neck joins the back, where all measurements are taken.) Any horse below 14.2hh is classified as a pony. Past that you get into horses.

The Arabian horse is a very popular riding horse. It is not a particularly tall horse, usually standing around 14-15 hands. The Thoroughbred is the ultimate racing breed. Most Thoroughbreds are around 16hh. A 15-16hh horse is ideal for riding, but many of the best racehorses are around 17hh - not a comfortable size for most casual riders, but tall = long legs = long stride = speed. Draft horses usually stand about 19-20hh, but the record tallest horse stood around 21hh. As far as I know, one hand is ten centimetres.

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Q: What is the size of a horse?
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== ==

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