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Golf ball dimple size is from 0.14 to 0.17 inches.

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Q: What is the size of a golf ball dimple?
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What are the names of golf ball features?

The main feature of a golf ball is called the dimple.

What do the different numbers of dimples on a golf ball mean?

There is no meaning in the amount of dimples a golf ball has; this number is just determined by the size of each dimple and how they have been placed on the ball.

How do you find the density of a golf ball?

with the number of dimple

How many dimple are on a Titleist pro V1 golf ball?

currently has a 352 dimple pattern

What are the dimensions of a dimple on a golf ball?

Depends on the golf ball manufacture and the number of dimples on the ball. Is there a specific ball you are looking at measuring

What is the difference between a circlular golf ball ad a dodecohedron golf ball?

All golf ball manufacturers attempt at least to make round or circular golf balls. The term dodecohedron (not certain of the spelling) is refering to a dimple pattern of a golf ball. Two different golf balls for example can be identical in size and roundness but each may have a distinctly different dimple pattern. If you look closely at a golf ball you can see that the dimples on most golf balls ,but not all, have varying sized dimples, they may vary in depth as well as diameter. I think Maxfli used the term dodecohedron in a marketing campaign describing the dimple pattern of there golf ball.

What is a golf ball made out off?

There are 3 types of golf ball: The two-piece golf ball, The three-piece golf ball and the Dimple-covered shell. The most common golf ball in market is the two-piece golf ball which is made out of rubber inside and plastic outside. The three-piece golf ball consists a core of gel, tightly wound rubber threads and hard plastic on the outside. Lastly, the dimple-covered shell golf ball is made out of hard plastic with dimples outside.

How big is golf ball size tumor?

It relates to the size of a golf ball. The average golf ball has a circumference of 4"

How many dimples are on titleist pro V1 golf ball?

currently has a 352 dimple pattern

How many dimples are their on a titleist pro v1 golf ball?

currently has a 352 dimple pattern

Does the shape of the dimples on a golf ball make a difference?

Well, the most common shape of dimple is the circular one. This is on nearly every golf ball and is on them for a reason, because it is the most efficient. Callway HX golf balls have hexagonal dimples, these give the ball a 100% dimple coverage and they believe it allows the ball to fly better, and be more stable in the air.

Does bouncing a golf ball on concrete ruin it?

only if it damages the dimple pattern. can cause limited flight and accuracy

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