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A boys is 29.5, a girls is 28.5.

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Q: What is the size of a girls basketball?
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Size of a basketball for girls?


What is the size of a mens basketball and a girls basketball?

11 inch diameter

What is the size of a girls normal basketball?

28.5 inches

Is it easier to make a basket with a boys basketball or a girls basketball?

A girls basketball is easier to make a basket with because of the size and weight no matter the gender

What is the size difference between a girls basketball and a boys?

there is no difference

Why is girls' basketball's smaller?

because male are big in size

What size basketball is used for girls high school?

The size 6 basketball is designed for girls/ women, and is required to be 28.5 inches in circumference. Size 6 basketballs are also used in college and the WNBA.

What is a 8th grade Girls school basketball team size?

12 playas

What size basketball do high schools use?

for girls its a 8.5 lb ball

Is a spalding basketball a girls basketball?

Spalding can be a girls basketball or a guys basketball

What is a 29.5 size basketball?

its a 4th,5th,6th grade boys and girls and sometimes 7th grade girls

What size basketball for a 9 year old girl?

Typically for that age girls use the womens size or 28.5.

What is the regulation basketball size for high school?

29.5 inches for boys28.5 inches for girls

What is the size of a grade school basketball?

girls: 28.5 cm boys: 30.5 cm

What size of basketball do seventh graders play with?

Girls play with a 28.5 and boys play with a 29.5

What are the similarities of boys and girls basketball?

The same with the exception of ball size and 3 point lines.

Is a girls basketball the same size as the boys basketball?

Nope, its not. The ball a man uses is larger and heavier, and the girl's ball is smaller and lighter. :)

What is the difference in weight between a girls basketball and a boys basketball?

The difference between them is a girls basketball is not as heavy as a boys basketball!

Field of basketball size?

size of basketball field

If a 18 year old girls wears a size 7 in shoes what would be her comparison size in men's basketball shoes?

A size 5 mens shoe.

What is the size difference between a size 5 and a size 7 basketball?

So a size 7 basketball is a men's size basketball. A size 6 basketball is a woman's size basketball. That means a size 5 is for people who have smaller hands. That's how you compare sizes.

Are girls and guys basketball hoops the same size?

Yes.They Also Play By All Rules As The Men.

What is the size of a sixth grade basketball?

girls-28.5 boys- i dont know but i know its bigger you stink

What is a girls basketball hoop height?

It is the same height as boys. The standard goal size is 10 feet

What size is used for a junior league?

If you mean what sized basketball, then it is a size 6 for any girls playing representative basketball, and size six for boys playing representative basketball until under 16's at which stage they will up-size to a size seven ball. in some organizations grade 1 and 2 use size 5 but the rule varies.