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Need more information. What is the span (the distance from each wall the roff will be resting on) what is the pitch of the roof.

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Q: What is the size and spacing for roof beams on a pitched roof?
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What is the cost to build a pitched roof from a flat roof in Florida?

This question's relevance does not mention size, span, eave overhang pitch nor complexity of the job.

What size lumber support 24 foot span from ppost to post?

Your question cannot be answered as it depends on what the beams load is... porch roof support vs a beam which will support a second story living area and a roof.

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This question makes no sense. A 90 lb load per sq. ft. refers to an area. To calculate the stresses on beams supporting an area you have to know the spacing between adjacent beams as well as the span. p.s. This qn when fixed belongs in mechanical engineering.

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How much weight can a typical residential ceiling support?

that is determined by a few factors. the size and spacing of the roofing members, and also the pitch of the roof. there are standard and accepted calculations in the industry and can most likely be found at a local building supply or library.

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