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blue and gold

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Q: What is the size and colour of the corner flags on a lawn bowls green?
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What does green represent on flags?

The colour can represent a great many things where it is used. It is a frequent colour in Middle Eastern national flags, representing Islam, and on African flags from the Pan-African Flag (which is red, black and green). Green may also represent forests or natural wealth, as on the Brazilian and Indian flags.

I have a green colour at the top right corner of my phone i dont know what to do?

Read the instruction manual.

What is your idea regarding thinking green means?

Green can relate to many things. It's a colour, an area where the game bowls are played, an area on a golf-course or an inexperienced person.

What are the 3 most common colors on flag?

Depends In Europe most are made up of red white and blue In Africa and middle east its mainly green white and black or red.

What is the flag of Zambia?

The Zambian flag is green with an eagle in the top right corner. There's a square with 3 vertical stripes (red, black, orange - L-R) in the bottom right corner.

What are the colors of Islam?

Well, the Prophet (PBUH) and his caravan used to carry (generally) solid black, green, or white flags. Green was the colour worn by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). So Green is most preferable. In addition to green, which symbolizes growth and flourishing (especially in a desert), the other colors of Islam are: red, white, and black. It is not surprising, therefore, that most Muslim countries use these colors exclusively on their flags.

Flags in the second Battle of Bull Run?

The flags of the second battle of Bull run was Green and Yellow..... They did were flags too.

Can I play lawn green bowls in France?


Why is green significant in Arab country flags?

Green represents Islam.

Who has the Green Bay Packers played in the past Super Bowls?

green bay?

How many super bowls have the Green Bay Packers won all together?

4 super bowls

What Super Bowls was derrell green in?

Super Bowls XVIII, XXII, and XXVI .... all for the Washington Redskins.