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I think a derby is a horse race, and surely this refers to Epsom. Look up "Epsom Derby."

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In Epsom

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Q: What is the site of the English Derby?
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What are the release dates for The English Derby - 1897?

The English Derby - 1897 was released on: USA: November 1897

Where is the English Derby run?

The Derby is held at Epsom Downs Racecourse, Surrey. England.

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· Derby, England

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that question doesn't make sense mate. Derby are an English club, not a country...

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Derby County

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I found a great site check out

Where was the Kentucky Derby?

Churchill Downs was where the Kentucky Derby always has been held. The historic, world-famous racetrack is located in Louisville, Kentucky. As of 2010, it has been the site of 136 runnings of the world-famous Derby.

The word derby in french?

it's an English placename, you can't translate it

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