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Pete Maravich

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Q: What is the single season scoring record for college basketball?
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What player holds the single season college basketball scoring record?

Pete Maravich

What college mens basketball team has scored the most points in a season?

the highest scoring college basketball team ever

What basketball player has the record for scoring the most points in a single season?

wilt chamberlin

Where did James Mandler play college basketball?

He played basketball for the University of Michigan from 1940 to 1943. He was the team's leading scorer for two consecutive years and set the school's single season scoring record with 230 points during the 1941-42 season.

Who holds the record for Most blocks in a college basketball season?

David Robinson holds the record with 207 blocks in a season.

What is the record for the most dunks in a college basketball season?

Dyron Nix from Tennessee. Pacer for a short time.

Who holds the all-time scoring average in mens college basketball?

Pete Maravich, both for a single season in 1970 and for his entire career.

How many games in college basketball season?

About 36 games are played In a college basketball season.

What is the National Record for 3 point shots- Basketball?

Dalton lairsey shot 659 three pointers in a college season

Will the Patriots break the NFL scoring record?

The New England Patriots did break the single season team scoring record in 2007 by scoring 589 points to break the previous record held by the Minnesota Vikings (556). == ==

How many games has Coach K won?

As of the 2013 college basketball season, Mike Krzyzewski has a record of 956-296 (.764).

Lebron James highest scoring game basketball game?

His highest scoring game is 56. It happened during the 2004-2005 season

Who holds the single game Providence College Basketball Scoring Record?

Marshon Brooks with 52 points on February 23, 2011. The effort came against #9 ranked Notre Dame, and set the Big East record for points in a regular season game. The mark surpasses former Friar Eric Murdocks Big East record 48 points against Pittsburgh in 1991.

Who are the ACC mens basketball scoring leaders through the 2008 season?

jj redick duke

What high school basketball team had the highest scoring average in a season?

Hobbs new Mexico

Who has scored the most points in the NCAA basketball tournament?

bevo clarence francis Rio grande college in Ohio 1952 53 season and again in 1953 54 season ncaa predjudiced as they were retroactively changed the rules so bevos 113 points were not recognized by them in his first season but they got their pay back when the greatest shooter that ever played the game scored 116 points in the 53 54 season a record that was finally recognized by these idiots and bevos record still stands today as the ncaas division one all time scoring record as well as many other records bevo set

What player scored the most points in a season of college basketball?

Pete Maravich scored 1381 points in 1970 in 31 games for an average of 44.5 ppg. That is the NCAA Division One record for a single season.

Pre season college basketball rankings?


Which school holds the record for 30 win season mens basketball?


Who scored the most goals in premiership football?

Andrew Cole and Alan Shearer are still tied for the record for scoring the most goals in one season. Cole reached his record in the '94 season and Shearer followed the following season to tie the record in '95.

Who holds the single season block record in NCAA basketball?

Wojciech Mydra holds the single season record for blocks in NCAA history

What is the highest scoring team average for an entire season for ncaa basketball?

Loyola Marymount averaged 122.4 points per game in their 1989-1990 season!

Who holds the NCAA men's basketball career points record?

"Pistol" Pete Maravich scored 3,667 career points for LSU. He ended his college career in 1970. In that era, freshman were not allowed to play on the varsity team, so Pete achieved his scoring total in only 3 college seasons. He averaged around 44 points a game each season for 3 years. And there was no 3 point line back then.

What is the win loss record of Duke vs. North Carolina in college basketball?

According to, as of the start of the 2007-08 season, UNC leads the series 127-96.

Most wins in college basketball and football?

All-Time College Basketball Team With Most Wins up til 08-09 season* University of Kentucky with a record of 1988 wins and 635 lossesAll-Time College Football Team With Most Wins 1869-2008* Michigan with a record of 872-295-36