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Hip Hop is more like street dancing while Ballet is more formal.

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Emotion, pure unadulterated emotion, and expression, this is the basis of the style of ballet, every bodily movement, every graceful step, leap, and raised limb, all of this is done to convey some form of a message to the audience. both ballet and hip hop require these things.

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Q: What is the similarities between hip hop and ballet?
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How did ballet turn into hip-hop?

Ballet never turned into hip hop it is a different dance

What is the difference between hip hop music and ballet?

They are so so so much different. Ballet is very formal and you have to point your feet and have proper technique. Hip hop is what is referred to street dancing. I take both hip hop and ballet

What does hip hop and ballet have in common?

Ballet tells a story with moves, hip hop tells a story with lyrics

What is the similarities between jazz and hip hop dance?

if jazz is waltz then they have a lot in simalar but you tell me is jazz hip hop

What are similarities of ballet and hip hop?

They are both a form of dance, they both require skill and they are both performed world wide.

What is the similarities between ballet and hip hop?

Both dances are available for all gender. Both dance includes jumps,incorporate balance and both include turns

What is the difference between ballet and hiphop?

ballet takes alot of practise and puts alot of strain on the body whereas hip hop is free and loose. also you have to wear certain shoes for ballet in hip hop you can just wear trainers.

What is the similarities with hip hop and ballet?

Well ballet is a basis of all good dancing. Whatever dance you do, ballet will improve all of your skills including: posture, flexibility, etc. Hope this helps!

What is ballet mixed with hip hop called?


2 kinds of dances?

Hip Hop and Ballet

What are some similarities between Hip-Hop music and other genres of music?

the beat

Which dance became first ballet hip hop jazz acro or tap?


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